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Whitsunday and Hamilton Island Airports

Travelling to Airlie Beach, The Whitsunday Islands, Great Barrier Reef Australia has gradually been made much easier since Captain Cook arrived in 1770. The rate in which the Whitsunday Tourism industry has been expanding since the 1920's has also lead to broader travel options for all.

We now have two local domestic Airports; Whitsunday Coast Airport and Hamilton Island Airport. You will need to travel to Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney or Melbourne, and then book a domestic flight into one of the Whitsunday’s two airports. Whitsunday Coast Airport is located in Proserpine approximately 25 minutes to Airlie Beach.

Hamilton Island Airport is located on Hamilton Island and is approximately 1-hour ferry transfer to Airlie Beach however; you may have down time on the Island whilst you are waiting for your transfer. If you are arriving into Hamilton Island be sure to leave plenty of time to get to the mainland if you are booking any tours.

Sun Safety

The sun is very strong in Australia. Even on a cloudy day the ultraviolet radiation from the sun (UV) can be in the extreme and can cause skin cancer. You should always wear sunglasses, a sun hat, and SPF 30+ sunscreen when spending time outdoors to avoid sun damage. Also remember to always keep hydrated in Australia’s heat.

Water Safety

The waters of Australia are beautiful, but they can also be dangerous. Always remember to swim between the red and yellow flags on Australian beaches, which mark zones protected by lifeguards. If you are on a tour, ensure you follow the advice of your tour guide. There are also marine dangers such as marine stingers, common in Queensland between November and April. Enclosures protect some beaches. In other areas you will need to wear protective clothing to go swimming. Ask your tour guide for further advice if swimming in Queensland during this period.

Venomous Wildlife

Australia is home to other venomous animals such as snakes and spiders. Anti-venom is available and deaths are extremely rare, but always wear protective footwear when bushwalking and hiking. If you are bitten, seek medical advice immediately.

Emergency Assistance

The emergency assistance number across Australia is 000. This number will connect you to fire services, ambulance services and police. Only call 000 in an emergency.


Australia’s currency is the Australian Dollar (AUD). You can exchange currency at most banks and airports. Australia has a 10% Goods and Services tax. International travellers may be able to claim a refund on GST costs if they spend over $300 in one store. More information is available at Australia’s International Airports and the Australian Government site for the Tourist Refund Scheme. Bargaining is not a custom of shopping in Australia.


The primary language in Australia is English, though many other diverse languages are spoken due to the multicultural nature of Australia’s inhabitants.

Enjoy The Tropical Paradise Of Airlie Beach

Familiarise yourself with the Australian Language, currency and emergency contacts as much as possible before arriving for your own benefit. Travel insurance is recommended. Once you are here you may find it helpful to make yourself aware of the Australian sun, venomous animals, and water safety. This involves using appropriate protection such as sunscreen, clothing, stinger suits and buoyancy aids whilst participating in water or land based activities.

Most of all relax and enjoy the tropical paradise of Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Islands and The Great Barrier Reef Australia. Check out all the day tours and overnight tours to make the most of your time exploring the magnificent sights we have to offer.

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