Wings Whitsunday Adventures


3-Day Whitsunday Cruises

Have you been looking for 3-day Whitsunday cruises? If you need to get away for a few days and want to ensure the most relaxing experience possible, you can’t beat the Whitsunday sailing cruises we offer at Wings Whitsunday Adventures.

Whitsunday Islands Sailing Tour

A two day, two night Whitsunday Islands sailing tour offers you more time in the water interacting with exotic fish in a beautiful coral setting. You watch the sunset from the deck of your catamaran and let the tranquil waters rock you to sleep.

Whitsundays 2-Night Tour

Receive a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a Whitsundays 2-night tour. Just as the fun of the day begins to end, you will experience the excitement of knowing that you have another entire day of exploration ahead.

Whitsunday 2-Day Tour

How would you like to relax and unwind on a Whitsunday 2-day tour? With Wings Whitsunday Adventures, you can sail, snorkel, and enjoy the famous white sands of Whitehaven Beach.

Whitsunday Sailing Tour

Try a Whitsunday sailing tour for your next adventure and experience marine life up close in spectacular coral settings. Explore the island and discover mesmerising swirling sand and native wildlife.

Catamaran Cruise Whitsundays

If you’re looking for the perfect escape from the stress of day-to-day life, a catamaran cruise in the Whitsundays is precisely what you need. The Whitsundays is one of the most popular destinations in Australia and for good reason.

Whitsundays Tours from Airlie Beach

Are you interested in available Whitsundays tours from Airlie Beach? You could take a quick jaunt out to the reefs to see them and maybe even fit some snorkelling—but you may end up back ashore wishing you'd had more time.

Airlie Beach Whitsundays Cruise

Are you in the market for an Airlie Beach Whitsundays cruise? Located right on Queensland’s Whitsunday coast, Airlie Beach is a beautiful resort town that doubles as one of Australia’s top gateways to sites such as the Whitsunday Islands.

Whitehaven Beach Named in Top 5 Beaches of the World

Stretching 7 kilometres along Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven Beach is a must see destination in Australia. With its 98% pure silica sand, and crystal turquoise waters, you will be reaching for your camera before you think.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wings Dive Tours

With all of our wings tours it doesn't matter if you've spent your whole life underwater or have never even dipped your big toe into the ocean.

Welcome to Life in Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia

Airlie Beach is one of the most stunning secluded towns on the East Coast of Australia where the calm waters of the Whitsunday Islands meet the beaches of our rural little town in Queensland.

Incredible Wings Live Aboard Sail and Dive Experience

We departed Abel Point Marina at midday, leaving our shoes with staff on the dock before boarding the catamaran. Yes the crew did bring the bag of shoes and stored them on the vessel.

Whale Watching Around the Whitsunday Island Waters

It is mid June 2012. I am in the galley of Wings 3, doing my thing, chopping some carrots, cruising on our way out to Blue Pearl Bay. Richie is on the bow, doing his thing, snorkel briefing and entertaining the passengers.

Explore the Hilltops of the Amazing Whitsunday Hinterland

If you haven’t already heard, I’m about to tell you first hand about our exciting new product, Wings Is launching a Mini 4WD adventure park.

Wings Diving Safety Procedures with Qualified PADI Dive Instructors

Whether you are an introductory diver or certified, experienced or you’ve never tried it before, rest assured our qualified PADI Dive Instructors will ensure your safety whilst having fun.

Four Wheel Drive in Airlie Beach at the Wings Adventure Park

Located just out of Airlie Beach the Wings Adventure Park is just about ready to take off! All aboard our Wings air-conditioned bus from Airlie Beach main street bus stop heading just past Proserpine where the adrenaline begins.

Exploring the Beautiful Natural Attraction, the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia's most beguiling and beautiful natural attractions. Easily the largest living structure on Earth, it stretches over 2,300 kilometres and is visible from outer space!

3 Reasons Whitehaven Beach Should Be On Your Bucket List

We all have travel destinations we dream about visiting one day. For one person, it might be Paris. For another, walking on the Great Wall of China is a dream worthy of dreaming.

Experience The Breathtaking Beauty of the Whitsunday Islands

Think about your ideal tropical getaway. What do you imagine? White sand beaches, palm trees, and a gorgeous blue ocean are likely atop your mind. Take all of that and add an amazing coral reef, and you get the Whitsunday Islands.

Great Reasons to Take a Four Wheel Drive Action Tour

There are many reasons why you should take a four wheel drive action tour. It will give you a great adrenaline rush, get you outside, and maybe even get you bragging rights.