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Explore the Hilltops of the Amazing Whitsunday Hinterland

If you haven’t already heard, I’m about to tell you first hand about our exciting new product, Wings Is launching a Mini 4WD adventure park where people from all walks of the world can come and enjoy half a day of guided driving through out the Whitsunday hinterland encountering many obstacles, challenge areas and a rally track where you can really test out your driving skills.

As a 22 year old female, heading out for my very first tour of the park I was beyond excited and didn't really know what to expect but our guide for the day was Richie, he briefed us completely on our daily activities and he was very safety orientated eliminating all my nerves about the obstacles and challenges.

Gearing up was exciting, I was given my helmet and goggles shown to my buggy with my partner where we strapped our self in and started the engines, this was it, time to follow our guide through the hinterlands, now ill elaborate a little more on the hinterland as it far exceeded my expectations the lush green grass and variety of different trees along with the wildlife it was simply beautiful, after our scenic route we came to the challenge area, I can tell you my face was sore from laughing and smiling I was having so much fun along with the rest of the group as we each had a chance to face obstacles and hill climbs, after we completed the challenge area everyone's adrenaline was pumping and we had the best part still to come! The rally track with mud pits.


WOW! Starting in the pit lane each buggy was set out on the track at different stages as to keep the course nice and clear, when we reached our turn we came out of the pit lane and into the very first mud pit, within seconds I was dripping from head to toe in watery mud, I laughed so much and really got to put my driving skills to the test. After a few rounds on the track we came to the end of our tour, our guide Richie was awesome he took our mud ridden buggies directed us to the showering facilities where we were able to change into our dry clothes, shortly after we regrouped outside on the grass talked about our incredible afternoon and waited on departure back to Abell Point Marina.