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Whitsunday Sailing Tour

A Whitsunday Sailing Tour Offers Adventure Seekers Two Days to Explor

Try a Whitsunday sailing tour for your next adventure and experience marine life up close in spectacular coral settings. Explore the island and discover mesmerising swirling sand and native wildlife. Wings Sailing Charters Whitsundays offers you two days and nights aboard our luxury catamarans with guided tours of the local coral reefs and uninhabited islands. Come alone, in pairs or in a group to experience untouched beaches and crystal clear water.

Tips Regarding Whitsundays Sailing Adventures

Adventure seekers thrill at staying aboard the boat and having constant access to the beautiful Coral Sea and the wonders under the surface

  • Pack light. There isn’t much room aboard and, you’ll really need very little to enjoy your time. We do ask that you bring a beach towel and bathing towel. The rest is up to you.
  • While we do provide scheduled meals, there are options available for purchase onboard. Check with us before leaving port as to the types of snacks available and their costs, to ensure you bring appropriate funds with you.
  • Be sure to arrive on time so we can get everyone aboard, gear stowed and leave on schedule. We check wind directions and tidal charts so you can have more time exploring chosen sites.

What Sets Wings Sailing Charters Whitsundays Apart Regarding Whitsunday Sailing Packages

Our experienced crew navigate around the islands like pros and know the best places to encounter exotic marine life and beautiful coral reefs.

  • You get two full days and nights on the boat, in the water, and hiking to natural attractions. By not returning to port each evening you are already on your way to you next stop after breakfast on board and a morning swim.
  • Our comfortable bed combined with gently rocking waves will lull you into a sound sleep in air-conditioned comfort. You will find luxurious linens on the beds to wrap yourself in softness after a long day of adventures.
  • All meals are included from the moment you step aboard until you return to port and have a drink and nibbles before setting off to explore the town.

Our sailing trips around the Whitsundays Islands provide you with non-stop adventure while all your needs are met with comfort and care.


Why Wings Sailing Charters Whitsundays is Cost Effective

Our all-inclusive packages make budgeting a Whitsundays holiday easy. You have your choice of a single or double berth. We supply wetsuits and snorkelling equipment and guide you around the coral reefs to experience spectacular underwater vistas and sea life. We prepare a slide show for your entertainment each night including photos taken during your exploration of the reefs.

With everything included and experienced guides to show you the best the Whitsunday Islands has to offer, it makes sense for you to start planning your trip today. Contact us for availability and booking. We can answer any questions regarding what to bring and where to stay in Airlie Beach to round out your holiday.