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Take the Mudpit Challenge

When you think of a holiday to the Whitsunday Islands, the first things that come to mind are beach and beautiful blue sea. Those things are great! There’s nothing like relaxing on the beach, or swimming in the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef. But some of us also want a little more excitement and adventure on land.

Wings Tours in the Whitsundays offers mini 4WD adventures that will get your adrenaline pumping. Step off the beach for half a day and prepare to get dirty as you explore the grasslands and wetlands of the Whitsundays. Wings staff will take you to some of the most interesting locations, including scenic trails and lookouts that will take your breath away.

The excitement really begins once you hit the Mud-pit obstacle course. Prove yourself to your mates by conquering this man made mud-pit challenge, including a tire crawl and log hop. Who will be the first to complete the obstacle course?

The Whitsunday Islands are an amazingly diverse environment of wetlands and grasslands, creek beds, valleys and hill tops. There’s no better way to discover all the Whitsundays have to offer than by taking a day to step out of the ocean, off the beach and into a 4WD. Discover incredible sights, but most of all, get your heart racing and have some muddy fun with your friends. Take the challenge today and see who will be the king or queen of the mud-pit!