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3-Day Whitsunday Cruises

Choose Wings Whitsunday Adventures for 3-Day Whitsunday Cruises

Have you been looking for 3-day Whitsunday cruises? If you need to get away for a few days and want to ensure the most relaxing experience possible, you can’t beat the Whitsunday sailing cruises we offer at Wings Whitsunday Adventures.

Related Services We Provide to Our Whitsundays Tour 3 Days

If you’re thinking about booking our 3-day sailing trip to Whitsunday Islands, you might be wondering what other services we include in the package, along with the boat trek. Here are a few of the services and experiences you can expect from Wings Whitsunday Adventures:

  • Onboard sleeping accommodations: Don’t worry about the hassle of having to find a hotel or resort to stay at during your trip. With Wings Whitsunday Adventures, you have onboard sleeping arrangements and get to wake up in paradise every morning.
  • Remarkable swimming and snorkelling: The 74 Whitsunday Islands are located right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Whether you want to see the reef with your own eyes or get up close and personal with tropical fish and other marine life, you will have the opportunity to do so on a Whitsunday Islands tour 3 days. We will provide you with ample swimming and snorkelling during your cruise, in all the most beautiful spots.
  • Full food service: You also won’t need to worry about packing food or figuring out meals when you travel with Wings Whitsunday Adventures. We have standard menus sketched out for each day of your trip, including gourmet pizzas, marinated chicken, cheesy nachos, and stir-fried beef and vegetables. If you or any of your family members or travel companions have dietary restrictions, we can add special diet items to the menu at your request.


Tips Regarding 3-Day Whitsunday Cruises

If you’ve been thinking about taking a Whitsunday cruise, keep these tips in mind to get the most value and enjoyment possible out of your trip:

  • Don’t do the day trip: Many resorts around the Whitsunday Islands offer day-trip cruises around the area. The problem is that there is so much to see in and around the Whitsundays—from pristine beaches to glorious spots on the reef—that you can’t experience them all in just a day. A 3-day sailing trip of the Whitsunday Islands will allow you to see more and enjoy the type of relaxed adventure that really makes these locales come alive.
  • Choose Wings Whitsunday Adventures rather than taking your own trek: Perhaps you have a boat, or maybe you’ve thought about renting one to explore the Whitsunday Islands. When you choose Wings Whitsunday Adventures, you get a skippered and crewed charter, which means we take care of everything from navigation to safety. All you need to do is have fun and relax, which is the only way to experience the Whitsunday Islands.

For maximum enjoyment, try Whitsundays sailing for 3 days, 2 nights with Wings Whitsunday Adventures. With us, you will have the relaxing, unencumbered journey that best reflects the unhurried and beautiful vibe of the islands.

About Wings Whitsunday Adventures

At Wings Whitsunday Adventures, we have been taking adventurers on overnight trips to the Whitsundays since 2002. If you are interested in our Whitsunday tour 3 days, contact us today to make your reservation.