Wings Diving Safety Procedures with Qualified PADI Dive Instructors

Not sure what to expect when you jump in on a scuba dive with Wings? Whether you are an introductory diver or certified, experienced or you’ve never tried it before, rest assured our qualified PADI Dive Instructors will ensure your safety whilst having fun, and experiencing what the underwater world of the Whitsundays has to offer.

Our dives end at either 45 minutes or 50bar, as per Wings Diving briefings. Divers surface when the first person in the group gets to 50bar, so remember to enjoy, relax and take it slow! Quite often a safety stop is incorporated into the dive, especially around the islands’ fringing reef, which is generally considered quite shallow. So whilst you soak in the colourful corals and the friendly fish, often you will be hanging out at 5 meters checking things out for a few minutes rather than stopping at the back of the boat or on a line.

When it comes to the outer Great Barrier Reef diving, we equip our scuba divers with extra safety equipment, such as an SOS personal locator beacon, whistle, and SMB (safety sausage). Our crew will teach you about each piece of equipment, and how to use it in the unlikely event of an emergency.

For the safety of all divers, Wings Dive Instructors guide all dives. This includes both certified and introductory divers. Some certified divers believe they should be able to dive by themselves and may have done so in the past, but as per standards it is company policy that whilst in the care of Wings Diving Adventures, a qualified guide is present.


Quite often divers under estimate the risks or dangers involved in diving, the dangers of diving new areas that they are unfamiliar with, as well as the tides and currents that effect dive sites.

Night Diving is at the discretion of the Dive Instructor. This will be based on the divers ability or divers logbook, again for safety reasons and additionally because night diving is not a requirement as part of advanced diver training with PADI. It is recommended that divers bring logbooks to show a history of diver training. Night diving is available for "advanced trained" divers only.

No one is forced to dive on a Wings tour but they do have to follow Wings diving procedure that are put in place to keep the diving activities at many sites as safe as possible.

Now, that’s the serious stuff out of the way. Not only will our crew keep you safe, they will keep you smiling too. They will point out interesting things underwater, take awesome underwater photo’s with you and lets not forget their terribly cheesy jokes. You may just want to stay underwater.