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Wings - SAIL, Snorkel, Beach, SUP

Have you got wind?

Have you got sails?

Are you aboard a Wings catamaran in the Whitsundays?

Well there is a bit more involved in that.

The two boats we have at Wings Sailing Charters Whitsundays are catamarans. A catamaran has two hulls and commonly two sails. A mainsail and a headsail, genoa or jib. They are built for going out on the water for a relaxing time in comfort and lots of space. These kinds of boats are very stable, if you are susceptible to seasickness or don’t have your sea legs a catamaran is a good option for your first boating experience.

A boat's streamline hull allows it to cut through the water like a knife, they need this shape to reduce drag. Monohulls lean or heel when they are sailing while a catamaran stays mostly flat allowing both designs to go fast on different angles of attack. Sailing is an adrenaline rush and very exciting, for inexperienced sailors it can be a little scary. There is no reason to worry though, the boats have counterweights at the bottom of the keel which rights the boat back to upright when the wind drops and keeps it balanced when sailing.

Back to what’s involved with sailing, there is a science behind it. Something called aerodynamic lift allows the boat to move forward even if the wind isn’t right behind the boat. Lift is the force that opposes the weight and drag. All these forces balance out and the plan is to have forward motion … that's a really simple explanation for sailing.

Wings Sailing and Paddle Boarding

So, think about when you hold your hand out of a moving car window. You can feel the force of the wind lifting your arm up and back. It’s the same kind of concept with sails.

Learning how to sail is a lot of fun and can be a great social outing. The best way to learn how to sail is with experienced sailors. Where can I find them? I’m glad you asked, Either join a Wings Whitsunday sailing adventure and chat to me; or visit your local yacht club of course. A yacht club is just like a bowls club or golf club but for sailors. Yacht clubs usually have lots of social events, fundraisers and of course sailing. If you are in the Whitsundays and want to have some fun, head down to the local yacht club on a Wednesday evening for some twilight sailing. Everyone is invited and the boat crews are always looking for people to head out on the water and race with them. Typically skippers or captains are always up for a chat and keen to share their knowledge and love for the ocean with anyone who is willing to learn.

Learning to sail a boat isn’t like learning how to drive a car. A lot of people think as soon as they walk onto a boat they will be at the wheel and in charge. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. Recreational boating is a lot of fun and is a great way to learn about boats and how they work.

If you have never been on a boat you can experience the serenity and peace of sailing, have your eyes opened to a whole new world to discover on a Whitsunday Islands tour.

Wings Sailing Charters Whitsundays is the perfect way to explore the stunning coral gardens, tranquil blue waters and beautiful white beaches of the Whitsunday islands. Spending two days on a comfortable catamaran with a chilled-out crew is the perfect introduction to the world of boating.

Oh, one more thing; one day isn’t long enough in the Whitsundays. If you have the time, do an overnight boat tour. Sleep aboard , wake up in paradise.