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Wonderous Whitehaven Beach

The Whitsunday Islands are a treasure, of not only Northern Queensland but Australia as a whole, and the jewel perched right at the centre of it’s crown is Whitehaven Beach. Many travellers make the journey from all over the globe just to see this little slice of heaven on earth. Not only is Whitehaven Beach a naturally stunning sight for all who lay eyes on its shores, but it also holds unique qualities along this 7km stretch of paradise.

For starters the sand on Whitehaven is genuinely one of a kind it is made up of 98.9% silica, actually making it the purest sand in the world! The silica sand is so pure and fine it is powdery soft and an absolute dream to walk on. In fact as the sand is so pure and fine when the dry grains of sand rub together as you walk along the beach it's actually possible to hear it squeak. You will also find that because of the sand’s purity and lack of darker particles it doesn’t get hot to touch like other beaches, even on the hottest day of summer!

Whilst you are at Whitehaven with Wings Sailing Charters Whitsundays you can even use the powdery mineral to polish your jewellery or exfoliate your body. In fact some visitors even use the sand to polish their teeth, though it is very abrasive on such delicate surfaces and may make your lunch a little crunchy too! Whilst on the beach be careful not to let the sand get to your camera or electronics however, as the fine sands can make their way inside your device and cause a lot of damage.

Wonderous Whitehaven Beach

You may be wondering where the spectacular sands came from, and the answer is of volcanic origin. The Whitsunday Islands are the remnants of several calderas, or bowl shaped hollows formed as large magma chambers empty. The magma that was released enabling these calderas to form was incredibly silica rich. Over time as the last ice age ended and sea levels rose, the currents running along the coastline delivered the silica sand eroded from the ancient magma to many beaches. Whitehaven Beach was the perfect shape to collect a rather large deposit of the mineral, and as sea levels continued to rise and shift the sand carrying it away from other areas the extensive stockpile at Whitehaven allowed the beach to remain.

The best spot to see Whitehaven Beach in all its glory is of course the three lookout points above, that enable you to see all the way down the beach and up Hill Inlet. These spectacular vantage points offer fantastic photo opportunities for any who venture up the walking track. One of the most fascinating things about this view is that it is unique to you at your time of viewing! Sometimes known as “the shifting sands of Whitehaven'', the sand is impacted by changing tides, lapping waves and wafting winds causing the sands shift and settle in different ways. What this means is that your view is absolutely one of a kind!

So why wait, come on out on your Wings Whitsunday Adventure to the spectacular Whitehaven Beach. Sleep aboard, wake up in paradise, see the most beautiful beach in the world with no one else around.