Whitsunday Sailing Frequently Asked Questions

Snorkel and Explore the Reef

Wings Whitsunday Adventures offers you a combination of sailing, snorkelling and bushwalking amongst the Whitsunday Islands, Whitehaven Beach and the Great Barrier Reef. Modern catamarans allow stable sailing and easy movement around the decks for sunbathing, relaxing and socialising with 25 to 31 other passengers.


Do you have private cabins?

Yes, but most cabins are shared with double beds and single beds.


Is your vessel family friendly?

Yes, majority 20yrs - 45yrs but not a party tour.



Under 12 yrs and a life jacket is a requirement throughout the duration of the trip. We do not recommend under 12.


Is your tour a party tour?

No, we turn music off at 10pm. Have fun with new friends made and enjoy light sunset drinks together! ..... One more thing, we recommend travel insurance, for those unexpected problems.


Can I just snorkel?

Yes of course, all snorkel equipment is included on all our tours and we believe that the snorkelling experience in the Whitsundays is better than diving. Most of the reef is shallow fringing reef that is best explored by snorkelling. However if you are a NON SWIMMER you will not be able to snorkel during your tour due to WPHS regulations.


Can I bring my own snorkel gear?

Yes, that is a great idea.


Is there diving available on Wings Sailing Tours?

No, unfortunately Wings does not offer diving onboard the boats Wings 2 and Wings 3.

About Wings Whitsunday Adventures

Wings operates sailing tours around the Whitsundays. Travel to Whitehaven Beach and explore the beautiful white sands, swim amongst the aquatic wildlife, sail across Australia's magnificent blue waters.