2Day/1Night Great Lakes Escape Fraser Island Tour

Tour Availability

This 2 Day Fraser Island Tour departs from Noosa at 6.30am & Rainbow Beach at 9am and returns to Rainbow at 3pm and Noosa at 6pm the following day. The tour is suitable for ADULTS of all ages that are young and adventurous at heart :)

Tour Overview

When you book a trip to Fraser Island you are booking one of the most exciting things you will ever do here in Australia… possibly ever in your life.

We may only be a small company but we’ve got a big name for ourselves; and it's all because of our passion for K’gari or Fraser Island as most people know it. Our passion is what started our business and it’s still what drives it today.

We are one of many Fraser Island tour companies that offer a self-drive 4WD tour, but we are the only one that features so much value for money!

For …

·      A cultural adventure

·      Authentic experience

·      Experienced local and passionate guides

·      Reliable tour and reserve 4WD’s

·      Top quality gear

·      3rd Party Insurance

·      Scrumptious food for all dietary needs

·      And a magical story time

We specialise in tailoring each tour to suit the weather conditions, tides and energy of our guests and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a great tour no matter what the challenges K’gari may give us. It’s no secret that Fraser Island can be an unpredictable place but when you book with team Drop Bear you can be confident that you’re in good hands.


Please just select the correct pickup and drop off locations on your booking form.

HIGHLIGHTS of our K'gari aka Fraser Island Beach 4WD Great Lakes Escape

  • Lake Birrabeen 
  • Lake Boomanjin
  • Lake Garawongera
  • Kirrar Sandblow
  • Lake Allom
  • The Pinnacles Coloured Sands
  • Double Island Point ***
  • Rainbow Beach Coloured Sands ***
  • Cooloola National Park ***

PLEASE NOTE - We may not be able to visit all these locations on Fraser Island as they are the most dependent on the tides. The 3 sites listed with a *** next to them will only be seen by guests departing and returning to Noosa and are dependent on time constraints, weather, and tidal conditions. FRASER ISLAND is constantly changing and not all tour highlights and extras are available all year round. 

This Fraser Island Tour Includes:

• A fun, energetic and experienced Drop Bear guide to show you around

• Off road 4WD experience with minimum risk

• 21's and over can drive our 4WDs (you must have held your licence for 12months or more) 

• Driving is optional – drive with your fellow travellers or be driven by your guide if you prefer

• Dorm style rooms with en-suite shower and toilet 

• All linens including shower towels (NO EXTRA CHARGE)

• Cozy campfiire with yummy marshmallows 

• Freshly sourced local ingredients

• Beach fishing rods

• Didgeridoo demonstration and tips on how to master the art and a guitar

• Sunset Boomerang sessions

• Pool table, playing cards and many more beach games



General Terms

BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS At Drop Bear Adventures, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our ability to deliver a great experience. Through lots of hard work and dedication we have developed what we believe to be the ultimate Fraser Island tour. From being different (some would say a little odd), super passionate and friendly our tours have become a little famous in our neck of the woods. Our mission is to make every one of our guests have a great time cruising the beaches and negotiating the sand dunes of Fraser Island. PLUS - we also want all guests – and our cars – to get return home safely so please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully and be aware that you are acknowledging and accepting these when you book. CANCELLATION POLICY: A $50 administration fee will be charged per person for all cancelled bookings regardless of notice given. Tour bookings cancelled up to 10 days before will incur a 50% charge and all bookings cancelled with less than 72 hours notice or failure to board will incur and 100% cancellation fee unless seat is taken by another passenger. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS We will always attempt to have any problem fixed as quickly as possible and with minimal impact on your Fraser Island experience but we will not compensate for any of the following: • Guests missing connecting travel arrangements • Any changes to the itinerary or missed components of the tour • Damage to any personal items such as camera's, clothing or backpacks etc • Personal stress and anguish experienced due to a breakdown • Time lost due to equipment failure or severe weather conditions • Any impact on the tour due to Natural disasters, Cyclones or extreme weather conditions • Tour itinerary’s and accommodation options are subject to change without notice due to tide times, seasons, weather conditions or any other circumstances. • Tour components not utilised are non-refundable and price is subject to change without notice. • Your safety and the care of your property is our concern but it is ultimately your responsibility. Drop Bear Adventures takes no responsibility for people acting irresponsibly or not following instructions given by your driver/guide. If your behaviour is deemed dangerous or unacceptable you will be asked to leave the tour with no compensation. SELF-DRIVE TAG ALONG TERMS AND CONDITIONS There has not been a vehicle designed to withstand the extreme conditions that our vehicles encounter on Fraser Island/Cooloola National Park but you can be assured that we maintain vehicles to the highest possible standard to ensure mechanical safety. Despite our efforts mechanical failure cannot be completely prevented and can happen through no fault of the driver or Drop Bear Adventures but rest assured we always have a solid plan B. All guests are responsible for: • Following the direction/instructions of the lead driver/guide and only driving in the tag-along formation in the order that the vehicles are set in at the beginning of the tour. • Seatbelt's must be worn at all times by all guests when travelling in the vehicle. • Police do patrol Fraser Island and all road rules apply when driving on the beaches and inland tracks. Drivers are responsible for obeying Queensland road rules and fines will apply if you are speeding or if the driver/passengers are not wearing their seatbelt. • Vehicles are not permitted to be overloaded with passengers (maximum of 8 people in each vehicle) and must have nothing packed on the roof of any tag along vehicle. • The lead driver/guide has the authority to refuse anyone suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs to drive any vehicle. • It is the passenger’s responsibility to immediately inform the driver if they feel unsafe or believe damage could occur to the vehicle due to driver fault, speeding or not following the rules set out in these terms and conditions and by the driver/guide. • Individuals are responsible for any damages to equipment/facilities at any accommodation facility provided including any camping equipment supplied or any other equipment provided in conjunction with this tour. • The driver/guide has the authority to remove anyone who is aggressive/abusive towards any fellow guests or Drop Bear Adventures staff. ALL DRIVERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR: • ALL drivers must be 21 years of age or over, hold a current valid/open drivers licence, have passed their driving test more than 12 months and have no drink driving convictions or offences resulting in their licence being taken from them in the last 5 years. • ALL drivers are responsible for their traffic fines and/or any damages caused to the vehicle or other guests property as a result of driver fault. • Drivers must at all times follow the wheel tracks of the lead vehicle unless avoiding obstacles, sea water or it is deemed unsafe. • Drivers will always keep at the speed of the lead vehicle and flash headlights or radio via UHF if there are any problems or you wish to swap drivers. • Drivers must always inform the lead driver when changing the driver of any tag along vehicle. • Vehicles must NEVER be driven in sea/salt water!! A $100 FEE will apply if you drive in sea/salt water deliberately or if we know that no attempt was made to avoid it safely. delete • Drivers are not to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are fully responsible for the safety of the passengers travelling in the vehicle. • If the vehicle gets damaged…e.g immersed in salt water, stranded, incurs under body damage, burnt out clutch, engine failure, gearbox failure, blown tyres, rim damage, battery misuse, suspension, handbrakes, diff damage, glass or panels including the interior of the vehicle and all accessories due to unsafe/irresponsible driving or as a direct result of not following the rules/Terms & Conditions set out in this document and by your driver/guide. As a driver you will be responsible for 75% of the damage costs and Drop Bear Adventures will pay the remaining 25% for vehicle repairs as well as the insurance for loss of income whilst the vehicle is being fixed/replaced. • In the event of damages/accidents the driver is responsible for paying 75% of the cost incurred for repairs but not exceeding more than $1500. If the vehicle is a write-off the driver will pay up to $3000 for the car to be replaced. Vehicles are not fully insured for accidents occurring due to driver error or single person accidents due to driver error. • Drop Bear Adventures accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any personal belongings being stored or in transit. • Drop Bear Adventures accepts no responsibility for any deaths or injuries caused by the fault of the driver or passengers. PLEASE NOTE: All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.