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Sailing the idyllic Whitsundays is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. From the crystal-clear waters to the archipelago of uninhabited coves, the Whitsundays is a slice of paradise begging to be explored by boat.

The Whitsundays is a group of 74 islands located in the heart of the iconic Great Barrier Reef, sidling the tropical coastline of Queensland. Characterised by dense tropical rainforest, rugged hiking trails and pristine sand beaches, most of the Whitsunday Islands are completely uninhabited and unspoiled. Visited by thousands of tourists every year, the best way to experience this heavenly sanctuary is undoubtedly by boat, with an experienced and local tour guide.

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Cruise Aboard Our Whitsunday Boat Tours

There’s no better way to explore the Whitsundays than to take a scenic boat tour through the spectacularly emerald islands and reefs. Depending on the nature of your holiday, there are a wide variety of Whitsundays Boat Tours to choose from. Whether you’re after a private charter, an overnight Whitsunday boat tour, or an adventure-packed explorative cruise, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect Whitsundays boat trip for you and whoever you’re travelling with.

Whitsunday boat tours are the ideal way to experience the world-renowned Whitsunday Island region. Sit back, relax and enjoy the magnificent views while an experienced and local tour guide takes you through one of the most magical places on the planet. Traditional home to the Ngaro people, these 74 islands also protect some of the oldest archaeological sites on Australia’s eastern coast. The year-round warm, lapping water in the Whitsunday Islands means that the reefs are perfect for snorkelling, paddling, diving and swimming.

On a Whitsundays boat tour, you can spend the day marvelling the crystal waters, discovering extraordinary marine life or wandering through the rugged, untouched islands and coves: the choice is yours.

Booking Whitsundays Boat Trips

Depending on where you’re departing from, there are plenty of Whitsundays boat tours to choose from. With a bounty of beautiful sandy stretches, crystal clear coves and marine-saturated reefs, there’s an abundance of activities on offer year-round. Whether you’re looking to sail the Whitsundays in style, want a family-friendly adventure or are keen to spend as much time in the water as possible, you’re guaranteed to find a wide variety of Whitsundays boat trips to suit your holiday desires.

Wings operate the best Whitsunday boat tours and trips the region has to offer. Regularly departing from Airlie Beach and various other locations, we are pleased to offer such a wide range of sailing and boat adventures to suit even the most discerning of tastes. Whether you’re after a private skipper hire, a full guided tour or an adventure-packed activity-based boat tour, we’ve got you covered.

Wings Whitsunday Boat Tours

Book your trip with Whitsundays boat tours with Wings today to experience an adventure of a lifetime throughout the magnificent and world-renowned archipelago in Queensland. Wings are pleased to provide an extensive selection of Whitsunday boat tours and cruises. We’ve got half day, full day, overnight and 2-night boat tours for every type of traveller. From exploring the famed wonders of the Great Barrier Reef to relaxing on pristine and unspoiled beaches, our local Whitsunday tour guides are here to provide you with a once in a lifetime experience in the magnificent Whitsunday region.

Wings Whitsunday boat tours regularly depart from Airlie Beach, where our local tour guides are primarily based. Bathe in the comforts offered by our many superior vessels, sit back on deck and relax, and enjoy the incredible scenic sights on one of our Whitsundays boat tours. Choose between diving, snorkelling, kayaking, sailing, hiking, or purely enjoying the beautiful surrounds from the vessel. Regardless of what kind of traveller you are, you’re guaranteed to have an experience of a lifetime aboard one of our Wings Whitsundays boat tours.

We all need an escape and a holiday every now and then. If you’re someone who loves the great outdoors and yearns to explore one of Australia’s most beautiful marine parks, then the Whitsundays is for you. Bask in the stunning Queensland weather, breathe in the beautiful fresh air of nature, and experience the untouched sanctuary of the Whitsundays like never before with Wings.