Whitsunday Sailing Tour


Sail in blue tropical waters, visit the best snorkel sites within the Whitsunday Islands from $0 AUD. Check availability below and consider the location of your bed while on-board the boat and the inclusions of a Wings Tour.


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Boat Layout
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Hull Berth

The beds in the hulls are a place you can retreat to at anytime. There are single and double beds in the hulls, book two berths for a double bed.

Saloon Berth

The saloon beds transform into the common area during the day, 07:00 to 21:00, which is why this berth is at a lower price. The saloon double beds are the biggest, and centrally located on the boat.

Private Cabin

The air conditioned  private cabin has a large double berth,  bag storage space and a door for privacy. For a couple that requires their own space and privacy then this is the accommodation for you.

Tour Inclusions

  • This price includes all meals and snacks, snorkel equipment, wetsuit hire, marine park fees and taxes.
  • All onboard accommodation in fully air conditioned vessels with hot showers.
  • Ice and cold storage for your alcohol.
  • Fresh clean linen.
  • Huge surround sound home theatre system for our Eco Talk.

What You Need to Bring

  • Small bag of clothes/ toiletries.
  • BYO Alcohol (no glass please for safety reasons)
  • Beach towel and shower towel
  • Cash for purchases of bottled water and soft drink for $2

Insights from 15 Years of Running Tours in the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays 74 islands are situated in a length of coastline in North Queensland. This body of water is filled with magnificent coral and marine life, and the islands themselves are pure paradise... If you have the time choose a tour that spends the most time in the islands. Every time I go cruising around the Whitsunday Islands I always want to be out there for a day longer. If you are short on time choose a day trip but remember these trips are a once in a life time experience for many and a 2 day 2 night trip would be the minimum length of time needed to not just see the sites but to also have the time to relax and take everything in as well.

In winter the average temperature is 25 degrees in summer the average temperature is 30 degrees.... While these temperatures  are ideal you need to factor in humidity and the strength of the tropical sun. Our boats are fully air conditioned all year round with large on deck shaded areas to give you areas on-board the vessel to relax out of the sun during the day and make sleeping through the night comfortable.

The Whitsundays is home to a huge variety of corals, fish, birds and land animals such as the Goanna. In the Whitsundays we are lucky to have zoned areas for reef and fish protection. When we anchor up for the night and turn on our underwater blue lights we encourage the animals and fish of the night to come to the boat to visit. Due to the moon and tides this is not effective every night of the year but most nights our blue lights bring in small fish, then bigger fish like giant trevally and squid which in turn attract other marine creatures such as dolphins. This can only be seen when you sleep aboard a boat in a beautiful protected marine anchorage in the Whitsundays.

Weather permitting my favourite first night anchorage is south Whitehaven Beach. By waking up on-board the boat for sunrise we get to see one of the most beautiful beaches in the world without a foot print on it. This is really what waking up in paradise means.

About Wings Whitsunday Adventures

Wings operates sailing tours around the Whitsundays. Travel to Whitehaven Beach and explore the beautiful white sands, swim amongst the aquatic wildlife, sail across Australia's magnificent blue waters.