3 Reasons Whitehaven Beach Should Be On Your Bucket List

3 Reasons Whitehaven Beach Should Be On Your Bucket List

We all have travel destinations we dream about visiting one day. For one person, it might be Paris. For another, walking on the Great Wall of China is a dream worthy of dreaming. Then there are destinations that we didn't know much about, but that we'll remember forever once we've visited. After our trip, we wonder why they weren't on our bucket list to begin with. That's true for Whitehaven Beach: you may not know much about it now, but it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you'll be sure to remember, and talk about, forever. Here are three reasons you should add it to your bucket list:

The Gorgeous Beach

Too obvious? Maybe. But we can't emphasize enough just how beautiful Whitehaven Beach truly is. TripAdvisor has named it one of the world's best beaches for several years running, and renowned publications like CNN agree. The sand is more white, and the ocean is more blue than you had thought possible. Bordering the beach are not hotels and other commercial buildings, but rich, green forests. Though it's one of the world's most famous beaches, you will feel like you're in your own little bit of paradise.

The Great Barrier Reef

Whitehaven Beach is not just near one of the most famous natural wonders in the world, it's right at the heart of it. Children throughout the world hear about the Great Barrier Reef, its rich natural diversity and its sheer beauty. Whitehaven Beech offers the perfect base to go exploring the reef and its countless species of flora and fauna - whether that's on a sail boat, a diving adventure or a flight over the formations.

The Perfect Getaway

In today's digital age, it's not easy to find a place where you can truly escape your worries, stress and job. But Whitehaven Beach is one of those rare places. When you lay on the pristine white sand, looking out over the blue ocean and majestic reef, it seems wrong to pull out your phone or check your email. Instead, you simply lay back, relax, and enjoy the nature surrounding you. When you return, you'll appreciate the complete break from technology you experienced.

In short, a visit to Whitehaven Beach will stay with you for a lifetime. Now all you need to do is plan your trip! And we can help with that. Contact us today to check out your many options of where to stay and what to do once you're here!