Airlie Beach Whitsundays Cruise

Start Your Airlie Beach Whitsundays Cruise at Abell Point Marina

Are you in the market for an Airlie Beach Whitsundays cruise? Located right on Queensland’s Whitsunday coast, Airlie Beach is a beautiful resort town that doubles as one of Australia’s top gateways to sites such as the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. At Wings Whitsunday Adventures, we offer incredible Whitsunday cruises from Airlie Beach, starting at the local Abell Point Marina

What You Can Expect from Wings Whitsunday Adventures Regarding Whitsunday Boat Trips from Airlie Beach

If you choose Wings Whitsunday Adventures as your Airlie Beach sailing tour, here are a few of the things you can expect from the experience we will provide:
  • Whitsunday cruises backed by knowledge and experience: We aren’t new to the game of Whitsunday cruises. On the contrary, Wings Whitsunday Adventures has been a player in this industry since 2002. We know the Whitsundays like the back of our hand, which means we know all the best beaches, snorkelling spots, and photo ops to take you to during your cruise
  • A relaxing experience: Many Whitsundays boat trips from Airlie Beach are day trips. While a day trip can show you some remarkable vistas, though, it’s not enough. Seventy-four islands make up the Whitsundays, and the Great Barrier Reef stretches 2,300 kilometres from one end to the next. You need a few days to appreciate the magnitude and beauty of these natural phenomena, which is why our trips are overnights. You’ll enjoy a more relaxing experience when you have multiple days and nights to spend among the Whitsunday
  • Easy departures: Too often, the most challenging part of a trip is the departure. At Wings Whitsunday Adventures, we make departures easy. We handle all departures for Whitsunday cruises from Airlie Beach and always use the Abell Point Marina.
What Sets Wings Whitsunday Adventures Apart Regarding an Airlie Beach Whitsundays Cruise?

If you are thinking about sailing the Whitsundays from Airlie Beach, you might be wondering what sets a Wings cruise apart from our competitors. Here are a few of our core selling points:
  • Sleeping onboard: Why rush back to a hotel or resort after a few hours of a cruise? With Wings Whitsunday Adventures, you sleep onboard one of our spacious, comfortable vessels and then wake up in paradise. Our cruises are more of a getaway than what most other Airlie Beach providers are offering.
  • The best sites: With 17 years in business and counting, our team at Wings knows the Whitsundays as well as anyone. Whether you are looking for the best beaches or want to see the most splendid stretches of the Great Barrier Reef on a snorkelling tour, we can oblige.
  • Comfortable vessels: Some Whitsundays cruise vessels are cramped, outdated and uncomfortable. None of those terms could reasonably be used to describe a Wings catamaran. Our boats are luxurious and spacious, with spots to sit and enjoy the sunshine or escape into the shade. The interior is air-conditioned for a comfortable slee

Why Wings Whitsunday Adventures Is Cost-Effective?

When you choose Wings Whitsunday Adventures for your Airlie Beach Whitsundays cruise, you are effectively splitting the cost with other like-minded travellers. Our vessels can accommodate up to 31 guests and a crew of three. This business model not only ensures a fun social vacation, but also means that your rate remains affordable and cost-effective—especially for a two or three-day adventure.

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