Incredible Wings Live Aboard Sail and Dive Experience

We departed Abel Point Marina at midday, leaving our shoes with staff on the dock before boarding the catamaran. Yes the crew did bring the bag of shoes and stored them on the vessel. We were immediately hit by the delicious smell of hot pizza as we approached the large social saloon area. After a warm welcome we all got comfortable in the saloon while hostess Laura and myself got the pizza out and cut for serving, while the Dive Instructor Clay outlined the next 3 days briefly and the operations of the galley and saloon.

Skipper Chris at this time was busy getting us out of the Marina and on our way to Blue Pearl Bay for our first Scuba Dive or Snorkel adventure. Clay Briefly went over the diving: we could do an intro dive for 15 minutes in shallow water to see how we felt with all the gear before signing up for a real dive. A safety demonstration was done for those who were interested in diving.

Laura and I got to know the passengers while assigning them to their shared sleeping quarters. The catamaran was great with 2 cabins and a bathroom either side and then tables turn into awesome double beds in the saloon.

We arrive at Blue Pearl Bay, Clay had the Scuba Divers ready to go, holding their hand and double-checking everything the whole way. Laura and myself helped all the snorkellers get ready with fins, mask, snorkel and suit, all provided by Wings. After lots on scuba diving, snorkelling, splashing, fun and underwater photos we all came back on board for some afternoon tea, coffee and snacks.

The meals were plentiful. First day was cheese, salami, carrots, celery and dips for snacks. Dinner was amazing with garlic bread, potato bake, salads, and marinated chicken thigh. After all that I was full, then came desert. A selection of cakes, my eyes bulged but I needed it after such an awesome day of activities.

We set sail to Hayman Observatory for a calm night on the water. Crystal clear water off the back deck lit up with blue light, just magic. It is such an amazing atmosphere, chilling at night on the water with a few drinks and great company. It was just like camping, sharing the boat, talking to new friends from across the saloon in the morning and night when the lights were out.

Laura and myself are up with the crew at 06:00, we get everyone up to see sunrise and make sure no one misses the fresh fruit, yoghurt, toast, muesli and cereals before heading off for a huge day of adventure. Next stop is Tounge Bay where we tender everyone over to Whitsunday Island for a short walk to Whitehaven Beach. Playing games and taking photos on the crystal white sands and shallow waters for 3 hours. We splashed in the shallows with the small sharks and rays at Whitehaven, never thought I’d get that close to the marine world without diving. On our way back to Wings 2 we walk up to Hill Inlet for a stunning view of Whitehaven and some more amazing fun photos.


The rest of the trip played out much the same, 3 meals a day with biscuits, cake fresh fruit and nachos for snacks. All of the meals had a selection of salads, veg and meat as well as catering for dietary requirements. The other snorkel and dive spots we visited were Luncheon Bay, Maureens Cove and Caves Cove.

Throughout the trip the passengers loved every snorkel spot seeing a range of corals and marine life in each destination. I jumped in at Maureens Cove which, after being around these islands for two years, was surprisingly fun. The water was warmer in than out and I saw a massive turtle chilling on the surface. Others saw Lion Fish, Turtles, reef sharks, Clown Fish, rays and the huge Moray Wrasse. Even with the cold wet weather, the underwater world was spectacular; no one wanted to get out.

The feedback I received from this trip was incredible considering the weather was rough, raining and cold for two of the days! The crew delivers the same trip no matter what weather gets in the way, truly amazing. The Intro Divers said they all felt so scared but had great guidance and support from Clay and were able to really enjoy them selves and feel safe.

Most people say they will be back and it’s not long till they are, with their family and friends. Wings delivers the trip of a lifetime with our speciality being Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Sailing, Reef guardians and food. There is a CD of all photos taken throughout the trip available for purchase at the end of the trip and we post the good ones to our Facebook page.

The catamaran is steady on the water for anyone who gets a bit seasick and with the right wind we can sail fairly fast with the engines off. The skipper may change course slightly for calmer waters or clearer diving and snorkelling spots, so you are well looked after.