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Swim with the Manta Rays of the Great Barrier Reef

There are few sights more majestic than the manta rays of the Great Barrier Reef. What better way to see them than by diving into the water and swimming with these magnificent creatures?

Manta rays are easy to identify with their horizontally flat bodies and unique triangular fins which allow them to glide through the water like a bird on the wind.

Manta rays eat as they swim, scooping up zooplankton with their open mouths. They have a slow reproductive rate, and gestate for over a year. Due to this and man-made threats including over fishing, manta rays are listed as a vulnerable species.

Like whales, manta rays will occasionally breach, cresting out of the water. While scientists do not know why they do this, it makes for an incredible sight.

The best way to see a manta ray is by diving under the surface to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Whether you prefer snorkelling or scuba diving, there are plenty of opportunities in the Whitsunday Islands to see manta rays.

The Pinnacles at Hook Island is one location in the Whitsunday Islands where you can find manta rays, especially in the cooler months from May to September. Hook Island is also where you can visit aptly named Manta Ray Bay, a great sight for snorkelling. Scuba dive at Bait Reef to see manta rays along with large turtles.

If you want to find the best locations to spot manta rays in the Great Barrier Reef, join a specialised tour and speak to your friendly crew about the best sites.

Wings offers two day, two night boat tours, perfect for anyone wishing to explore the magic of the Great Barrier Reef and meet a manta ray up close. The Wings crew will take you to the best locations in the Whitsunday Islands, for snorkelling, swimming and social fun with friends and manta rays alike.