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Elopement wedding on a sailing catamaran

Best elopement package in the Whitsundays:
romantic, authentic and stress-free.

Whether it’s to save money at the wedding, avoid family dynamics or simply have a private experience, more and more couples are choosing elopements to get married instead of large-scale events.

With its distinguished turquoise waters, romantic views and perfect weather, the Whitsundays offer the best locations for elopements and romantic getaways. Nothing can beat a wonderful celebration of love in paradise!

Traditionally, an elopement is a secret marriage ceremony a couple holds without their friends and families knowing, often in a spontaneous fashion. These days, the arrangements are usually a bit less hurried and secretive and may involve planning, budgeting and even some guests. Wings Sailing Charters offer the most romantic and adorable elopement package in the Whitsundays Islands. They will help you with your wedding checklist from the beginning, making sure your biggest dream comes true.

Sailing around Whitsundays Islands is probably one of the most exciting and adventurous ways to ring in the first minutes of your love union in Australia and is easier than you think! Wings’ stunning white sailing catamarans, experienced team and devotion to creating unforgettable experiences, will make your elopement easy to organize and just memorable.

Elopement Sailing Charters Whitsundays
Elopement wedding on a sailing catamaran

Elopement wedding on a sailing catamaran in the Whitsundays

The sun hiding on the turquoise waters, 360 views and the sound of the ocean … your unforgettable and small wedding ceremony will be like a scene taken right out of a movie.

Wings’ Elopement Package in the Whitsundays includes:

  • Sailing around the Airlie Beach Bay for 4 hours.
  • Experienced skipper, host and waitress.
  • Bottle of champagne on arrival with hot and cold platter followed by a dessert platter.
  • Cold storage for BYO, ice and cold filtered drinking water onboard.
  • Fully air-conditioned vessels.
  • Spacious seating areas.
  • High sun deck perfect for saying your vows and unbeatable pictures.

Weddings ceremonies on Wings’ sailing catamaran is suitable for up to 30 guests and although this Elopement Package is one of the favourites due to the incredible opportunity of getting married at the spectacular Whitsunday waters of Airlie Beach Bay, couples may choose a different experience, even longer weddings or different locations. More Wings’ elopement experiences in the Whitsundays are listed below.

Wings’ sailing yacht: the right features for a dreamy elopement.

Who doesn’t love stunning white sailing catamarans? Wings fleet is just perfect for wedding ceremonies for two main reasons: the incredible size of the yacht and its unique features.

With comfortable outdoor spaces and fully air-conditioned interiors Wings III (60ft) is perfectly designed with plenty of space inside and outside which makes them very comfortable for special events. Wings III has a high sun deck with incredible views and a foredeck jacuzzi. Contact Wings friendly team today to find out more about the fleet and elopement packages.

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Overnight elopement wedding

Wings’ overnight elopement wedding is your chance to have an intimate wedding ceremony with the stunning Whitehaven Beach as your background.

Whitehaven Beach is everyone’s favourite in the Whitsundays and real heaven on earth. This seven-kilometre stretch island of squeaky white sand is only accessible by boat, seaplane and helicopter from Airlie Beach. And it is just spectacular.

A sailing yacht will take around 3.5 hours (in good weather conditions) to get from Airlie Beach Bay to Whitehaven Beach and is totally worth it if you are planning an extended elopement ceremony. Why not combine the elopement with a 2 day 1 night charter and stay the night at Whitehaven Beach.

Spend the night under the incredible milky way at one of the amazing bays close to Whitehaven, let the ocean sounds lull you to sleep, and wake up with the most beautiful sunrise.

Other incredible places to choose for your overnight elopement wedding are Langford Island and South Whitehaven. In fact, one of the best things about planning anelopement in the Whitsundays is the abundance of natural venues that you can choose from like the incredible Langford Island and South Whitehaven.

Sunset elopement wedding

Get married to your special person while you cruise smoothly into the serene soft pink and orange hues of a Whitsunday Sunset. Wings sailing charters depart from Airlie Beach Bay in time for a beautiful wedding ceremony when the last pick of sun goes down.

Whether you prefer a very small celebration of just you and your loved one or a slightly bigger event with your closest friends and family, sailing on Whitsundays Island is an amazing way of having an unforgettable elopement.

Start planning your special day today!

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4 Facts about eloping in Queensland, Australia

  • With so many beautiful destinations, like paradise islands and pristine bays, it is a great idea to combine your elopement with your honeymoon.

  • Overseas couples can easily have a legal elopement in Australia. You don’t have to be an Australian citizen or a permanent Australian resident to legally get married.

  • One of the greatest advantages of eloping is that you will save some cash. When you elope you are not buying 100 guests a three-course dinner and drinks all night.

  • Queensland’s distinctive weather, with its beautiful sunny and long days, gives you valuable flexibility.