Dent Island Guide

Your Guide to One of the Tiny Island Sidling The Iconic Hamilton Island

One of the lesser-known, smaller islands in the Whitsunday region, Dent Island is only a five-minute boat trip from Hamilton Island. A picturesque, uninhabited island, Dent Island is home to one of Australia's most beautiful golf courses.

Guarding the waters across Central Queensland, Dent Island’s lighthouse has operated and assisted sailors since the 1870s. Throughout this time, the island was only visited by fishermen and grazing cattle. Today, Dent Island is well known for housing Hamilton Island’s golf club.

Whilst famed for its world-class golf course; Dent Island is also home to a plethora of other activities on both land and in the water. Join Wings as we outline what there is to do on Dent Island, a brief history of the isle, and how to make your way onto Dent Island while travelling through the Whitsundays.

Where Is Dent Island?

Dent Island is a small island off the coast of Queensland within the Whitsunday Island group. In terms of size, it is the 14th largest in the chain of islands, measuring a minuscule 4.13 kilometres squared.

How to Get to Dent Island

Dent Island can only be accessed via boat. Ferries leave from Hamilton Island every hour on the hour and return every hour on the half-hour. Small marine charters can access the island independently with the required permission.

What To Do on Dent Island

Whilst small, Dent Island is packed with outdoor activities.
Dent Island Guide Wings

For land-based adventurers, there is a beautiful nature walk around the Island's famous golf course, that also follows its varying ridges and valleys. Enjoy a scenic run or slow it down and take in the ocean views. From breathtaking heights to walks along the shore, the diverse landscape of the island is a dream for bushwalking enthusiasts.

Dent Island is surrounded by an extensive reef system that is home to thousands of species of tropical fish and other aquatic animals. Rent a kayak and paddle over the turquoise blue water, or get under the surface, and snorkel with schools of fish. If fishing is your style, there are plenty of secluded spots that can be explored on Whitsunday private fishing trips.

The majority of the island's small surface area is taken up by the beautiful golf course and surrounding grounds, and Clubhouse.

Dent Island’s Iconic Golf Course

Fancy a spot of golf while holidaying in the Whitsundays?

Easily the most recognisable aspect of Dent Island, the golf course is one of Australia’s most picturesque. Designed by Australian golfer Peter Thomson, who keen golfers will recognise as the five-time British Open winner, the course is perched along the natural ridges and valleys of the island, the varied elevation adding an extra factor to every round.

Acknowledged as one of the toughest courses in the world, any golfer brave enough to take on the course can find themselves at the mercy of plenty of natural elements. From buffeting coastal winds, dense bushland, and a 14th Hole nicknamed the 'Valley of Death', so named for its green surrounded by no less than four bunkers.

However, when the elements are in your favour, the course is a majestic way to experience 360-degree views of the stunning landscape of the Whitsunday Islands. Surrounded by native Australian bushland on the island, and an endless blue ocean to the horizon, the backdrop for the game is like no other.

Dent Island Guide Golf Course
The course is suitable for golfers of all levels, from passionate amateurs to golfers playing off scratch.

After your performance on the greens, enjoy a celebratory meal at the Clubhouse. Boasting a lavish, contemporary design, it's the perfect backdrop to enjoy a locally-sourced meal including some of Australia's finest ingredients. With an understandable focus on seafood, you'll find the menu rotating to match the seasons.

Gold Club Dress Code

Just because you're on a tropical island, it's not an excuse to dress down for the golf! All guests must abide by the Club's dress code and respect the etiquette of golf. Men must wear a collared shirt, not wear any denim, or board shorts, and all shoes must be enclosed.

Facts About Dent Island

Dent Island is home to a historically important lighthouse, that is a great destination for bushwalkers. Despite the lighthouse being private property, just nearby, there are fantastic views of islands to the Coral Sea.

After the first Royal Navy commander surveyed the northern waters of the passage, Dent Island was given the name by the Commander. It was named after Lieutenant Albert Dent of the HMS Salamander, which navigated the islands to chart them.

Dent Island has a registered population of just two! The couple are the caretakers of the lighthouse and work additional roles throughout the Island.

Sail Across to Dent Island with a Private Charter

If scenic golf, amazing local food, and laid-back bushwalking sound like your kind of island trip, it’s worth adding Dent Island to your sailing itinerary.

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