Go For A Wander With Wings Sailing Charters Whitsundays

There are many walking tracks throughout the Whitsunday Islands leading to various natural treasures, from secret beaches to breathtaking lookouts. Though the journey along the trails is sometimes just as incredible as the destinations, so keep an eye out for native animals and unique plant life. The tracks range from short 10 minute walks a couple 100 metres long to hikes a few kilometres long that will take up to half a day. When traveling on a Wings Sailing Whitsundays overnight charters, you will get the opportunity to explore some of the unique walking tracks on offer.

One of the most well known tracks in all of the Whitsundays would have to be the Hill Inlet lookout track. Located on Whitsunday Island itself and accessed via Tongue Bay this trail leads up to the three viewing platforms that overlook Whitehaven Beach and the swirling sands of Hill Inlet, as well as offering access to Whitehaven Beach itself. The Hill Inlet lookout track is visited on every Wings tour during the time spent on Whitehaven Beach. Recently renovated to improve ease of access for all visitors this trail is a relaxed stroll through Australian bush. During renovations several information plaques and signs were added. This means that the walk is also an opportunity to learn a little bit about the Whitsundays and the Flora and Fauna that call the islands home.

Offering a slightly different view of the spectacular Whitehaven Beach, is the Whitehaven Beach lookout track accessible from the beach at South Whitehaven. This trail takes around 45 minutes return and leads tourists up to a lookout platform, presenting uninterrupted views of the whole 7km of Whitehaven beach. Once again the track is very well managed kept clear and safe for all who visit, with plenty of information on offer including signs and an interactive listening post.
Also accessible from South Whitehaven is the Headland track and Solway circuit. The Headland track is an offshoot of the Whitehaven Beach lookout and possible to do as a loop. Returning to the beach via this short detour will take you around the very southern end of Whitsunday Island. It allows several photo opportunities of the southern bays on Whitsunday Island as well as views of Teague, Haslewood and some of the other more southern islands. The Solway Circuit leads up from the beach to a natural rock platform presenting views to the south and east, making it an excellent place to watch the sunrise.

The Ngaro Cultural walk on Hook Island is another trail that we visit on occasion. This trail offers an insight into the traditional land owners of the area, the Aboriginal group that call the Whitsundays home are the Ngaro peoples. On the walk you can read about the traditional land owners, learn from interactive displays and even get to see some unique aboriginal artwork. At the top of the walk there are historic paintings done by the Ngaro peoples, these artworks being particularly special as the culture, artwork and language of the Ngaro people is recogniseably distinct from mainland groups.

If you are looking for something more from your journey out amongst the Whitsundays why not stretch your legs with Wings Sailing Charters Whitsundays? With experienced guides to join you on the walking trails you won’t miss a thing!