Haslewood Island Guide

Your Guide to the Hidden Beauty that is Haslewood Island.

Perched just to the right of the central Whitsunday Island, Haslewood Island is a quiet and often overlooked gem in the crown of the Whitsundays. Just like most of the group, the island is a picturesque landscape, free from human development.

Haslewood Island is home to the world-famous Chalkie's beach, one of only a select few beaches in the Whitsundays that has the same magical, soft, white silica sand as Whitehaven Beach.

Whilst this secluded, lesser-known island might not have made it onto everyone's list of places to visit, for those in the know, it is the perfect place for a secluded getaway.

Where Is Haslewood Island?

Adventurers can find the island just to the east of the main Whitsunday Island. Despite being close in proximity, the island will still take some time to reach and explore by boat, with lots of hidden coves and bays that offer shelter from the elements.

Haslewood Island was first surveyed and named in 1879 by Staff Commander Edward Parker Bedwell, as part of his extensive surveys throughout the region aboard the SS Llewellyn. The small island was named after Sub Lieutenant Frank Haslewood, a key member of Bedwell's surveying team.

How to Get to Haslewood Island

Like most of the Whitsundays, Haslewood is only accessible by boat. Chalkies, the main beach on the island, is just across the water from its famous Whitehaven sibling. Looks can be deceiving, as even by boat, it can take up to an hour to get across. Its isolation is a blessing in disguise, as often you'll have the beaches and the island all to yourself!
Haslewood Island Guide

No tourist operators visit Haslewood, so the only way to get there is through a private charter. Private boats frequent the many inlets and reefs that surround the island. You should speak with the captain of your charter about finding the best spots to visit and when to see them.

What to Do on Haslewood Island

Haslewood Island is surrounded by meadows of seagrass, home to thousands of species of aquatic animals from the smallest crustaceans to giant turtles. There is an extensive fringing reef between Haslewood island and the nearby Lupton Island, forming a bay known as Waite Bay. Home to shimmering aqua blue waters in the summer, the reef is also an important location for the reproduction of coral which disperses and populates the reefs nearby. This bay often drains at low tide, offering the chance to experience a beautiful walk between the two islands through the warm shallow water.

For bushwalkers, Haslewood Island has a lookout that is a short walk from the famous Chalkies beach. Just 300 meters in one direction, the bushwalk takes you through ancient eucalypts and grasstrees, and out across the rocky headland. At the end of the short trail, viewers are rewarded with unobstructed views of the spectacular bay and coral sea.

Sunset and Sunrise at Haslewood

The main mooring spots around Haslewood are not only isolated, but perfectly orientated to experience the most beautiful start or end to the day. For the early birds, sunrise is best experienced from the deck of your yacht, and often viewers are treated to glass-like conditions, where the sky mirrors itself on the ocean.

Sunset from Chalkies is a magical experience, with the sun lighting up the sky with all kinds of colours depending on the time of year. Whitehaven Beach is renowned for its beauty, but the view of the sunset over it is unrivalled. Combined with the white sandy setting of Chalkies Beach, it is a colourful natural experience like no other.

Haslewood Island Snorkelling Guide

Snorkelling on Haslewood Island

There is an abundance of bommies in the area that are home to a diverse range of sea creatures. Haslewood Island is known for its extensive reef systems that are nestled within its sheltered bays. There are expansive coral systems, intricate crevices, and caves to explore along the reef.

During low tide, the coral systems and their aquatic inhabitants are closer to the surface of the water. The less water that sunlight passes through to illuminate the coral, the cleaner the view will be for you. If you are lucky enough, when low tides combine with the sun directly overhead, you will have stunning conditions with which to swim around or take pictures if you have an underwater camera.

Add Haslewood Island to Your Itinerary

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