Langford Island Guide

Your Guide to the Stunning, Tiny Retreat of Langford Island

Small in size but teeming with possibility, the stunning Langford Island is a hidden gem in the Whitsunday region.

Langford Island is located near Hayman Island, in the northern Whitsundays. Popular among sailors, divers, and snorkellers, Langford Island is ideal for nearby anchorage if you’re sailing your way through the archipelagos.

If you’ve ever heard of Langford Island, you’ve likely seen the stunning photographs of visitors ‘walking on water’ at high tide. Uninhabited and featuring a long sand cay that becomes slightly submerged at high tide, Langford Island is the ideal spot for day trip involving a quick snorkel, swim, or beach picnic.

Where Is Langford Island?

You'll find the tiny Langford Island in the northwest corner of the Whitsunday Island National Park. Langford Island is almost dwarfed by its opposite neighbour, Hayman Island. As far as size goes, Langford Island is the 11th smallest island in the region of the Whitsundays.

How to Get to Langford Island

As one of the smallest islands in the group, Langford Island is only accessible by boat, and even then, the island is still too small to have any jetty constructed. Private charters can moor nearby due to the sheltered location. When your boat has moored, you'll need to either swim or get a small dingy into the island to explore the land there. You may moor overnight in calm conditions on the approved free moorings. Expect reasonable protection from all but the strongest wind conditions and moderate tidal currents.

If you’re staying on Hayman Island, you can reach the island by private boat or local cruises. Only seven minutes away on speed boat, the island is one of the most secluded in the Whitsundays.

Langford Island Guide

What To Do on Langford Island

Langford Island is relatively secluded and private when compared to other islands in the Whitsundays. Visitors will find that you will not find hordes of other tourists, even in peak season. The island offers the perfect day trip for a few hours of sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, diving, and picnicking.

The island itself has only got around a couple of hundred square metres to explore, so most land-based exploration can be done relatively quickly. There is a lovely walking track that weaves throughout the island to a lookout at the top of Langford Island. Here you'll find uninterrupted views of the coastline looking out over the coral sea as well as nearby Hayman Island and Hook Island.

But the real fun at Langford Island is had with a beach picnic during low tide. The sandy cay stretches a few hundred metres, and the soft, white sand is perfect for a lunchtime picnic and a few drinks. From your boat, pack some snacks and drinks for an enjoyable afternoon on the beach.

For families, the Langford Island beach is a great place for games and other activities, and the shallow waters around the spit are suitable for children of all ages.

As a more relaxed approach, the soft white sand is perfect for lying back and enjoying the sun, mixing in a swim in the crystal-clear water before the tide eventually conceals the beach for another day.

Langford Island Snorkelling

Don't let the Island's small size fool you. The area is teeming with sea life, and there are plenty of places to snorkel or dive in the island's immediate surroundings. On all sides of the island, there is a reef that contains thousands of species of fish in different shapes and sizes. Snorkellers have the luxury of snorkelling straight off the length of the beach, as the best areas to explore are closest to the island.

Around the cay, bommies have formed which harbour these fish. You can spend hours navigating through these natural wonders, seeing the communities of sea life that call the area home up close. Bommies are clusters of coral that naturally form upright in a column. They are great for divers of all abilities to swim between and provide the perfect location for fish to call home.

For the true underwater explorers, two massive underwater sculptures are waiting to be discovered at the southern end of Langford Island spit.

The first sculpture is titled 'Turtle Dream', and it is a 6.5m steel hawksbill turtle completed by artist Col Henry, is located at 20°5.003'S, 148°52.900'E. The second sculpture is titled 'Anthozoa', and it is a 6m sculpture reimagining the tiny coral polyp by Jessa Lloyd made in collaboration with Ngaro artist Nicky Bidju Pryor, and is located at 20°5.006'S, 148°52.918'E.

Langford Island Snorkelling Guide

Green Turtles at Langford Island

If a fifteen-tonne turtle sculpture doesn't quite satisfy you, these 'underwater gardens' are often home to friendly green turtles. For snorkelers lucky enough to experience a turtle sighting, it is something you will never forget.

The green sea turtles that often stop by Langford Island, are one of the world's largest species of turtle, typically weighing in at between 65-130kg and measuring well over a metre long. You can snorkel alongside them from a safe distance at Langford Island, or admire them from the shore or the deck of your boat as you see them lift their head above water to take a quick breath.

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