Long Island Guide

Looking for a Secluded Island Experience? Look No Further Then Long Island in Queensland. Wings Is Here to Give You a Rundown on What to Do & How to Get There.

If you are daydreaming about a private and exclusive island getaway experience, look no further than Long Island in Queensland. Located on the western side of the Whitsunday Islands and surrounded by the Grand Barrier Reefs, this tropical paradise is home to stunning views, a tremendous variety of wildlife, and crystal-clear, turquoise water.

Worried about limiting your vacation experience on promenades and beaches crawling with tourists? Then Long Island QLD is the right place for your next trip away. Inhabited only by a few dozen locals and a handful of hotels, this beautiful and untamed island offers you the serenity and relaxation you deserve. Stroll through the spacious Molle Islands National Park, relax on isolated beaches with white sand and turquoise water, or explore the unique landscape of coral reefs snorkelling; Long Island is your escape from people, the riff-raff of the city, and your daily routines.

Here is everything you need to know about Long Island in Queensland:

Where is Long Island QLD?

Long Island is located close to Queensland's mainland. Its closest distance to the Whitsunday mainland is just 500 metres. As you can imagine, Long Island gets its name from its Length. Stretching over 9 kilometres north to south, this island is only around 400 metres on its widest point.

Don’t worry about sharing such a beautiful and untamed island with many tourist crowds; as there are only a handful of hotels on Long Island, you’re likely going to have a lot of the island to yourself. Taking a trip to Long Island it is guaranteed to help you escape your stressful day-to-day life.

Long Island Guide

How to Get to Long Island in the Whitsundays?

If you want to visit the island for a remarkable tropical vacation, there are a number of ways to get there. If you’re coming into Long Island from Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere else in Aus, you can take a plane to Hamilton Island Airport. From there, take a transfer cruise to the Port of Airlie. Lastly, a water taxi transfer is your safest bet to reach this secluded and relaxing paradise in the Whitsundays.

If you want to remove the stress of arriving in the Whitsundays with everyone else, consider sailing to Long Island through a private boat charter. This way, you get to travel at your own pace and start your secluded summer experience in an unforgettable, intimate way.

What Is There to Do on Long Island?

As only a few people live on Long Island QLD, it is the ideal vacation destination if you want to enjoy the island experience without other tourists. Here are six things to do on Long Island in Queensland:

Give Yourself Some ‘Me-Time’ and Relax

Long Island is one of the most secluded and quiet islands on the Whitsundays open to the public. Long Island is your ideal destination if you are searching for a place to unwind without crowds and tourists. As there are only a few ways to get to Long Island, only a few hotels and locals on the island, it will feel like you have the island for yourself.

Enjoy Your Privacy at One of Long Islands’ Many Beaches

Long Island features many beautiful beaches that the Whitsundays are known for. Instead of sharing them with many tourists, it will feel like you have them fully for yourself on Long Island.

Spending some time in the sun and taking a dip in the warm turquoise water on one of the many secluded beaches will make you forget your daily stress in no time. Whether you relax on one of the many beaches of Long Island Reef or make your way to more prominent spots like Palm Bay or Pandanus Bay, a secluded and private beach experience is almost guaranteed on Long Island.

Enjoy Water-Based Activities Without Any Crowds

Jump into the water with your snorkelling gear and explore unique coral reefs and their colourful inhabitants. More into paddleboarding or kayaking? No worries! On Long Island, it’s just you and the stunning scenery of Queensland's coastal area after a few strokes. With enough patience and some luck, you might even see some green turtles joining you out for a paddle.

Explore Molle Islands National Park

If you’re up for discovering untamed landscapes and tropical wildlife, Long Island QLD is just the place for you. With more than 17 kilometres of walking trails around the island, there is plenty of native flora and fauna to explore. Take a stroll through lush green vegetation or go for day-filling hiking tours from north to south to be one with Australia's natural flora and fauna.

Your Guide to Long Island

Explore the Wider Whitsunday Area

Thanks to its unique location, Long Island is an ideal base to discover the Whitsundays. With Whitsunday mainland only a couple of hundred metres away, Conway National Park is just around the corner and the ideal destination to soak in the beauty of Australia's northeast.

Want to see more islands of the Whitsundays instead? No problem. For the golfing experience of your lifetime on Australia's only golf course located on its island; Dent Island is the perfect spot. Alternatively, you can visit Hamilton Island, with its many prominent beaches and luxurious spars.

Visit the Child-Free Elysian Retreat

Elysian Retreat on Long Island is a great option if you want a vacation with no kids. Long Reef's adult-only hotel provides a grown-up-only vacation experience to its guests. With ingredients from its garden and a menu heavily inspired by the natural surroundings of Long Island and the Whitsundays, enjoy fresh prawns, Moreton Bay bugs, and wild-caught fish in a relaxed dining atmosphere.

Begin Your Journey to Long Island with Wings

Visit, experience, and marvel on the way to Long Island in style by hiring a private boat charter. Much like a bareboat hire but with the added benefit of a local skipper, Wings offer the perfect chartering experience for you to see and visit Long Island like never before.

What are you waiting for? Book your Long Island getaway with Wings today.