Our Little Wings Sailing Charters Whitsundays Family And Friends

Being crew here at Wings means being part of the Wings family. The company is a small family run business and when joining the crew you really are made to feel like family. New crew is welcomed excitedly by all as we meet the people who will soon join us aboard and become the newest members of the Wings clan. Spending a lot of time together onboard the crew tend to bond quite quickly, getting to know all about each other and forming new friendships.

Your trip typically starts off by meeting the boat as it cruises into the marina ending the previous voyage, guests buzzing on the foredeck and crew preparing for docking. The vessel pulls in and stories quickly fill the air as passengers are farewelled and preparation for the days ahead begins. Asking each other about the highlights of the trip and any exciting news we might have missed whilst being at sea, a little like returning to school after holiday break.

Sharing tales from the past few days you begin to feed each other’s excitement and the energy in the air builds. Sometimes things get a little silly as you joke and tease each other, of course as any good family would. At times even some impromptu karaoke and a dance party takes place around the boat which tends to be pretty entertaining for anybody within earshot!

Of course it’s about this time that our “boat dad” Mike will appear as we are all at our peak craziness, usually giving him a little chuckle as well. As Mike jumps aboard he asks how we all are, how our trip went and of course if we have any news to share. When he is aboard there is a sense of comfort as he offers us advice from any issues we have had whilst at sea. Of course this isn’t just kept for the incoming crew, he also has guidance for the outgoing crew to help make their trip as good and smooth as possible.
One of the crew then heads up to meet all the new guests about to start their journey into the Whitsundays as the remaking crew finish up trip preparation. Finally the guests are shown their way down to the boat and we get to greet them all as they start their adventure. As the boat pulls out once again the old crew farewell us all and wish us the best for the next few days, usually with a cheeky comment thrown in on the end just for laughs. Of course from here the antics only continue, however with one major difference we have a whole group of new guests and soon to be friends to join us in the fun!

As part of the Wings family you know that everyone has your back no matter what, whether you need some help finishing tasks, looking to learn something new or just need a friend to make you smile. This is one of my favourite things about working aboard Wings, knowing that you have so much support and care from all of your crew/family. This tight knit family we have formed is what makes us so unique and makes a trip with Wings Sailing Charters Whitsundays that little bit more special. If you’d like to meet the crazy Wings clan come on out on a trip and find out what it’s all about!