Pentecost Island Guide

Your guide to Pentecost Island's natural beauty

You’ll find Pentecost Island located between its more well-known siblings, Hamilton, and Lindeman Islands. With its prominent natural features, Pentecost Island quite literally towers over the other islands across the group, with its main feature, Mount Pentecost extending over one hundred metres into the skies above.

Beyond its prominent mountain face, Pentecost Island features sandy beaches and dense bushland. Due to the isolated nature of the island, these small beaches are rarely populated with tourists, and visitors to the island will often find themselves in total solitude.

A stern and unforgiving-looking island, Pentecost Island is, in fact, a great place to visit for adventurers ready for a more rugged challenge or enjoy a destination quite literally off the beaten track.

A Brief History of Pentecost Island

Completely uninhabited, Pentecost Island was the first island in the Whitsunday group to be named and was named by Cook in June, 1770. Pentecost Island is one of the Cumberland Islands, with the Whitsunday passage and Pentecost Island deriving their names for this first voyage.

Formed by raging volcanoes and the adjustments of the planet’s tectonic plates, Pentecost Island is made up of centuries of debris fused into solid rock. Today, the rugged beauty of the island is undeniably jaw-dropping. With almost no flat surfaces, Pentecost Island is now a national park and will see visitors for hikes, bush walks, swims, and snorkelling.

Pentecost Island Guide

Where Is Pentecost Island?

Pentecost Island is in the central section of the Whitsunday group, located North of Lindeman Island and South-east of Hamilton Island. When sailing through the region, Pentecost Island is unmistakable for its soaring natural mountain on the island's northern side. In the right light, the face of this mountain glows bright orange, adding another dimension to the kaleidoscope of colours present throughout the Whitsundays.

Pentecost was one of the first Islands named in the chain and is named after the Christian denomination from which we get the term ‘Whitsunday’.

How to Get to Pentecost Island

As the island is almost entirely rock or bushland, getting to Pentecost Island is only possible by boat. Surrounded by tropical reefs on practically all sides, mooring must take place a few hundred metres away from the island before visitors either swim in, or take a tender. It is important to keep your anchorage far away from the reefs, as dropping anchors is harmful to the natural ecosystems below.

What to Do on Pentecost Island

Pentecost island is surrounded on all sides by reefs teeming with aquatic life. Pentecost reef to the south is the most well-known, and makes for a fantastic spot for snorkelling or scuba diving right off the boat.

Another popular activity on the island is kayaking. The waters surrounding Pentecost are relatively sheltered, and with the right conditions, are a shimmering turquoise colour. A kayak is a perfect way to get close to the island's shores and bask in the sublime feeling of the mountain rising above you.

Many of the beachside towns across the Whitsundays offer kayak rentals for you to explore the surrounding islands.

Pentecost Island Hiking Guide

Hiking on the Island

Pentecost island is covered with dense bushland, and its most prominent natural feature is a sheer mountain face that looks out over the Coral Sea. It is not the most hospitable island in the group, and prospective climbers are advised to pick a friendlier island for their bushwalk if they are worried about the climbing trail.

Thick shrubs make conquering the mountain tricky, but it is possible with the right equipment. There is no defined trail, and climbers are advised to avoid the area unless they are experienced navigators before attempting. If you plan to do any trekking on Pentecost, ensure you are well-equipped with water, snacks, and proper hiking clothes.

The view from the top offers completely unobstructed vision across the Whitsunday group far into the distance.

Visiting Pentecost Island with Wings

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Pentecost Island is a stunning landmark that stands out from the rest of the group. Taller and more imposing, it is a beautiful place to visit, and swim under the shadow of its mighty peak. Surrounded by reefs, there is lots to see and do around its shores, and it is a great place to moor for a day between islands in the region.

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