South Molle Island Guide

What to do on South Molle Island? How to get there? Wings have got you covered with this comprehensive island guide.

Looking for an beautiful tropical island getaway? South Molle Island is just the place for you. As one of the 74 Whitsunday Islands, South Molle Island offers a less luxurious – more rugged, secluded getaway than the other island resorts. The beauty of South Molle Island is that your getaway is completely up to you – camp on one of the many campsites at Sandy Bay or Paddle Bay, spend the day exploring the walking tracks, go snorkelling whenever you feel like it, and explore the lush, untamed beauty of the island with all the privacy in the world.

There is currently no South Molle Island accommodation like a resort, following closures after the devastating cyclone Debbie in 2017. What remains are the natural fringing reefs, white beaches, and lush vegetation. Unwind and enjoy a secluded camping experience that will see you connect and get up and close with unparalleled natural beauty.

If you are looking for further information on South Molle Island, how to get there and what to do on the island, you’ve come to the right place. As the Whitsundays’ leading charter providers, Wings have pulled together the ultimate guide to the island. Without further ado, let's jump in:

Where is South Molle Island?

South Molle Island is in the heart of the stunning Whitsunday Islands. It's the biggest and most south-located island of the Molle Islands. Only 12 Kilometre from Airlie's marina and 14 Kilometres from Hamilton Island Marina, South Molle Island is an ideal stop on your Whitsunday Islands hopping or sailing adventure.

As mentioned, camping is currently the only way to stay overnight on the island, as there is no current South Molle Island accommodation. Fret not – you won’t be sharing the island's magnificent beaches and lush tropical jungles with heaps of tourists.

How to get to South Molle Island?

The best way to get to and explore the peripheries of South Molle Island is by boat. By plane, you can fly into Whitsunday Coast Airport in Gunyarra QLD, the Helipad on Daydream Island, or Hamilton Island Airport. From there, you can rely on a water taxi, ferry, or yacht charter to reach the secluded South Molle Island.

South Molle Island Guide

Instead of travelling on the schedule of public boat transport, consider hiring a private charter. Our local crew will show you the most scenic spots for anchorage, and you will enjoy the beauty of South Molle Island at your own pace.

What to do on South Molle Island

South Molle Island offers something for everybody. From pure relaxation on the white beaches to stunning walks to snorkelling in turquoise water through fascinating reefs, South Molle Island has got it all:

Camp by Stunning Beaches

South Molle Island offers you the unique opportunity to camp at some of Australia's most beautiful beaches. With two campsites on the beach, Sandy Bay, and Paddle Bay, you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves and a tropical evening ocean breeze. Enjoy a secluded beach adventure that you have never experienced before. Unwind in white sand, turquoise water, and a breathtaking view of the tropical Whitsunday Islands from your tent.

Snorkel and Discover the Inhabitants of the Reef

Remember to bring your snorkelling gear when packing for South Molle Island. As South Molle Island is surrounded by fringing reefs and the ocean is only a stone's throw away from each campsite, what better way to start the day than jumping into the sea straight away? Explore a diverse array of maritime flora and fauna. Swim with parrotfish, observe starfish and explore the colourful corals. With some luck, you’ll spot sea turtles or bottlenose dolphins to give you company on your exploration.

Your Guide to South Molle Island

Go Fishing for Your Evening Campfire

Can you fish on South Molle Island? Yes: South Molle Island is a terrific place for fishing. Everything around the island is designated as yellow and blue zones, meaning you can fish with only a few rules to follow.

Hike to Spion Kop Lookout

Want to explore and go for a hike? The island is bursting with walking trails and places to explore the natural flora and fauna. South Molle Island has a National Park that offers many different walking trails with various difficulties and distances, ranging from 2 to 10 kilometres in length.

If you want to explore an absolute highlight of the island, stop at Spion Kop Lookout. This stunning viewpoint in the northeast of the island provides a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime panorama of the Whitsunday Islands. Ideal for pure relaxation or your next travel photoshoot.

Walk to Middle Molle Island

Another day, another walk: a small spit connects both islands of South Molle Island and Middle Molle Island for most time of the day. Wait until the tide is right, and walk from one island to the other to explore further. Reaching Middle Molle Island provides a stunning view and a unique experience walking through the crystal-clear ocean.

Explore South Molle Island with Wings

If you are looking for an unforgettable camping trip or want to escape the tourist areas of your Whitsunday getaway; South Molle Island is the perfect destination. With fringing reefs, beautiful beaches, turquoise water, and untamed, rural beauty, South Molle Island is the closest you can get to exploring the untamed side of the Whitsunday islands.

If you are already packing your tent and other camping gear, consider reaching out to Wings. We offer private charter trips all over the Whitsunday Islands for Whitsunday sailing adventures. Reach South Molle Island at your own pace and explore the beauty of the heath of the Whitsundays with ease.