The 11 Best Beaches Airlie Beach Has To Offer

Are you looking for the best beaches Airlie Beach has to offer? We’ve compiled a list of the most stunning beaches in Airlie Beach, that you can be sure to check out on your next visit.

With so many attractions, from stunning island resorts, incredible reefs, and an assortment of tours, it is easy to forget that the best beaches Airlie Beach and the surrounding islands themselves are world-class. Whether you’re looking for a beach at the doorstep of a luxury resort or a secluded island getaway, there are so many beaches near Airlie Beach, to cater for every type of traveller.

Looking for great tours to explore Airlie Beach best beaches and the Whitsundays? Look no further than Wings. Wings are a multi-award-winning tour operator in Airlie Beach. We’ve been exploring and showing travellers the many beaches around Airlie Beach for years – it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about the best beach side spots to visit.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the best beaches in Airlie Beach.




As its name suggests, Hideaway Bay is a small, secluded inlet perfect for anyone wanting to escape the busy beaches Airlie Beach is known for. A quick 30 or so minute drive will have you enjoying one of the regions most secluded beaches, complete with beautiful scenery and an opportunity to relax and enjoy the sun. When it comes to food, there are a few nearby shops and cafes. For those who love to barbecue, the beachfront BBQs can be used free of charge; just be sure to leave it how you found it.


Not far from Hideaway Bay is another of one of the best beaches near Airlie Beach. Dingo Beach is another quiet place to relax and enjoy the pristine waters of the North Queensland Coast. The nearby boat ramp is a bustling hub for boating enthusiasts and local fisherman excited about their latest adventures. The nearby pub is the perfect place to unwind with a cold drink and the seafood that comes highly recommended.

Beaches Airlie Beach


What would a list of ‘best beaches Airlie Beach’ be without Airlie Beach itself? As the namesake of the town, Airlie Beach is smack bang in the middle of town. It is hard to miss as it is next to the main street and connected to the bicentennial boardwalk. Although it’s not known as the main swimming beach, it is still a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the Airlie Beach Foreshore.


Just around the corner from the Coral Sea Marina, Cannonvale Beach is one of the local beaches Airlie beach has to offer. Connected to the coastal walkway and esplanade, this is a great beach to pass by on an afternoon walk or enjoy an afternoon picnic. Cannonvale has the added benefit of a children’s playground and stinger net, for when you want to swim in the summer. This is one of the most accessible beaches around Airlie beach for those staying in town and is a popular breakfast spot for locals.


Just like Cannonvale, Boathaven Beach is one of the only beaches in Airlie Beach that has a stinger net. This means that you can go for a dip in the ocean all year round!

This beach boasts over 60,000 cubic metres of white sand and lots of space for relaxing. You can find this beach around the corner from the Whitsunday Sailing Club - it's one of the beaches in Airlie Beach that you can access on foot, from the centre of town.

Hill Inlet


Looking for beaches around Airlie Beach and Whitsunday Island? Be sure to check out Hill Inlet if you have a bit of extra time. Take a short guided bushwalk to Hill Inlet where you will find picturesque views of aqua blue water and coral reefs teeming with ocean life. As it is off the beaten track, Hill Inlet is home to some secret snorkelling spots, where you can enjoy some of the quietest inner reefs in the whole region. There are also great tours departing from the main marina in Airlie Beach. Both the Northern Exposure Tour and Southern Lights Tour will have you zipping along the water in ocean rafts for an enjoyable day complete with excellent service, guided walks, and snorkel lessons. These tours are the top pick for those who wish to get away from the main beaches of Airlie Beach in a fast-paced, yet, scenic tour.


While Coral Beach is not known for the most sublime swimming conditions, the coral rubble of all shapes and sizes offers unique and beautiful beach experiences near Airlie Beach. All you have to do is head down toward the beak peninsula near Shute Harbour and follow the Coral Beach Walking track through the beautiful rainforest. As you have a bit of a walk, you can expect this beach to be a little less busy than the Beaches near Airlie Beach main town. Should you wish to explore a little further, you will find both Beak and Lions lookouts not too far away.

Whitehaven Beach


Located on the largest island in the Whitsundays, Whitehaven Beach is the longest beaches Airlie Beach and surrounding areas have to offer, with up to 7km of pristine shoreline to explore. The turquoise water and white sand are sure to impress any visitor to the Whitsundays region. There are many great ways to explore one of the most impressive beaches around Airlie beach, whether you want to swim, snorkel, sail or lie on the beach.

If you have only half a day to spare, a Whitehaven Beach - Half Day charter will pick you up from Airlie Beach and deliver you to the doorstep of one of the Whitsundays most impressive islands. If you have a full day, you can check out our Full Day Private Charter or our Day Sail, Snorkel and SUP Tour. The expert and friendly crew will answer all your questions about the fantastic marine life and conservation efforts in the area. A truly unforgettable experience!


On the North-western side of Hook Island, Stonehaven beach is a popular anchorage spot for many Whitsunday skippers. This beautiful beach provides good protection for overnight anchorage and multiple bays to choose from. In addition, this beach offers a great point for exploring many other islands and beaches, providing excellent snorkelling and fishing opportunities.

Want to give Hook Island a closer look and check out some of the best Island beaches Airlie Beach is close to? A half day private charter will have you snorkelling, kayaking, and exploring the top end of Hook Island. This private vessel is suitable for up to 29 guests. It comes complete with onboard meals, a skipper and host, equipment for water activities, and provides one of the best experiences to experience Stonehaven Bay and beaches near Airlie Beach. If you're after something more affordable, see mroe about our Whitsunday Day Sail Tour.

Catseye Beach


Prefer to be the master of your own destiny? For our last beach choice, we have got Catseye Beach on Hamilton Island. Just like the beaches within Airlie Beach, Catseye Beach is very accessible from the main resort of Hamilton Island. Catsey beach looks like it could fit on a postcard from any number of tropical getaways worldwide. The curved beach and healthy coverage of palm trees make it one of our favourite spots to sit back and relax. Should the kids or other company wish to explore, there are many water sports available with catamarans, kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkelling equipment, all available for hire right on the beach.

Not staying on the Island? Take a day trip on a Hamilton Island Freestyle Adventure where you can explore the area at your own pace, take in the amazing views, have cocktails on the beach or browse around the local shops.


The water and land are great places to take in the beaches Airlie Beach is surrounded by, but what about the sky? This isn’t necessarily a beach adventure, but a 60 Minute Whitsundays Scenic Flight is an opportunity that can’t be missed. This short flight will give you access to a vast stretch of not only beaches around Airlie Beach, but the Great Barrier Reef and the many Whitsundays Islands. The unmatched views from your small plane will be an experience you won’t ever forget, and something only a few get to appreciate.

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For those who like a slower-paced form of travel or want a relaxing afternoon, you can’t go past Exclusive Sunset Sailing On The Bay and BBQ. This tour will have you taking in all the beaches Airlie Beach has to offer from the comfort of a luxury boat with a cocktail in hand. Suitable for up to 35 guests, the skipper and host can tailor the experience to suit your party style. So, with a glass of champagne on arrival and a BBQ cooked for you whilst anchored, this is our top pick if you want to unwind and take in the best of Airlie Beach from the water.


There’s no doubt about it - the beaches Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays have to offer are truly spectacular. Regardless of the type of holiday you are planning or who you’re travelling with, the area of Airlie Beach is surrounded in stunning, sun-soaked beachfronts. If you have any questions about which Airlie Beach beaches to visit on your next Whitsundays getaway, get in touch with Wings to either book a tour or send an enquiry through our website today to talk to one of our local experts.