What To Expect From A Sailing Vacation In The Whitsundays Islands

The Whitsundays Islands are the perfect destination for a sailing adventure, where cruising adventures come together with breathtaking views, untouched islands, beautiful white beaches, diverse marine life and all the peace and quiet only the ocean breeze can provide.

When you arrive in Airlie Beach, the beautiful boats and the number of sails that rest in the marine will instantly attract your attention. As well as the Sunshine Coast is a surfer paradise destination, the Whitsundays region is sailing heaven.

Powerboats, catamarans, yachts

Powerboats, catamarans, yachts and more types of boats are waiting for guests to be taken to one of the most amazing places in Australia, the Whitsundays Islands.

The Whitsundays Islands are not only home to the most beautiful beach in the world, Whitehaven Beach, but also the Great Barrier Reef, where corals and marine life can be explored using just your snorkelling gear.

Wings Sailing Charters Whitsundays offer private charters for small or large groups (18 people can sleep in Wings II and 21 in Wings III) that will adapt to your holiday goals. You can choose from a sunset sailing experience in the bay to an outer reef trip of 4 days. Check all Wings private charters options. Sailing in the Whitsundays Islands is the journey of a lifetime and Wings will make it even more special.


The Whitsundays Islands are composed of 74 islands, idyllic beaches, uninhabited islands, stunning snorkelling spots and all the natural gems of the Great Barrier Reef, from unique marine life to stunning corals.

During a sailing experience in the Whitsundays Islands, especially overnight, all the activities are unique, not only because of the natural beauty of every spot but also due to the different ways of exploring them. Wings count with high-quality snorkelling gear, clear bottom kayaks and SUP boards at the complete disposal of our guests that can be used to discover the outstanding attractions of Hook Island, like Mantaray Bay, Butterfly Bay, Longford Spit and Stonehaven, and other secret spots around Whitsunday Island.

secret spots around Whitsunday Island

Whitehaven Beach is everyone’s favourite destination and of course, we will make a well-deserved stop to chill on the most beautiful beach in the world and enjoy the breathtaking views from Hill Inlet Lookout. But that is not all! Each evening the skipper will moor in a sheltered bay where you will spend the night and have the possibility of fish under the stars. Thanks to our underwater blue lights, you will have good chances of spotting some friendly sharks and dolphins!

secret spots around Whitsunday Island


Wings private charters are designed to achieve our guests' holiday goals. If the weather and the tides allow it, the departure time, itinerary and destinations can be adapted to your group expectations.

Kids love the beach, where they can play and run freely while you relax and enjoy the chill vibes and paradise views of Whitehaven. This is why in many cases, a family vacation will require spending more time at the beach, while other groups may prefer more sailing or snorkelling activities.

Menus are specially made to cater to all diets, like allergies and vegan or vegetarian options, and include a great variety of meals, from abundant salads to delicious barbecues, desserts and sunset snacks.

Customized experience


Sailing may not afford quite as much room space as a hotel on land, but this does not for a moment mean that it compromises comfort. The majority of vessels that depart from Airlie Beach to the Whitsundays are made to travel with large or small groups in a pleasant way.

Wings II and Wings III have air-conditioned, spacious cabins and comfortable single and double beds, unlimited drinking water, front deck spas and more amazing features. Catamarans are wonderful for family cruising as they are steady in the water and with lots of inside space.

Lay back on our cushioned areas and enjoy the breeze of the ocean while we sail through the Whitsundays passages.

Wings II and Wings III have air-conditioned


Who doesn’t love reconnecting with nature and feel the adrenaline of being in the middle of the ocean on a sailing catamaran where times seems to stop? The advantages of a sailing private charter in the Whitsundays Islands are numerous. Arriving at the best sports before the crowds is probably one of the best ones!

The dream of being alone on a paradise island with your friends or family comes true! Explore uninhabited islands and go for a kayak adventure with your buddy to discover the amazing marine life of the Whitsundays area as well as stunning coral reefs.

The sense of adventure really comes alive during the night, when curious dolphins and even friendly sharks approach the boat thanks to our underwater lights.

Alright, we don’t want to ruin any more surprises and we wish you can experience it by yourself! Now that you know what to expect from a sailing vacation in the Whitsundays Islands you can start planning your holidays today.