Where Is Whitehaven Beach?

Whitehaven Beach is famous for its iconic white sands and incredible stretch of turquoise Coastline. But where is Whitehaven beach in Australia, and what’s the best way to get there?

Wings Sailing Charters is here to answer all of your questions regarding where Whitehaven Beach is located in Australia and the best way to explore this pristine, beautiful location. As the leading provider of Whitehaven Beach tours, we've got you covered at Wings.

Whitehaven Beach is in Queensland, in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Whitehaven Beach has been voted Queensland’s most eco-friendly beach and is part of the Whitsunday Islands National Park. Let’s look at where exactly Whitehaven Beach is and how to access the beach from different cities within Australia.

Where Is Whitehaven Beach Queensland

Where Is Whitehaven Beach Queensland?

Whitehaven Beach is situated off the coastline of Australia’s famous sunshine state, Queensland. Whitehaven Beach is protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park and is part of the Whitsunday region.

The Whitsunday region in North Queensland includes 74 islands in the Great Barrier Reef’s tropical waters. The Whitsunday region is accessible through Airlie Beach on the northeast coast of Australia. Despite being one of the most sought-after places on earth to visit for a holiday, Whitehaven Beach is home to around 20,000 permanent residents.

Can You Stay On Whitehaven Beach?

Now that we’ve answered the burning question; ‘where is Whitehaven Beach in Australia?’, you’re probably now wondering whether you can stay in paradise (or rather, how long for!). There are several options when it comes to staying at Whitehaven Beach.

Luxury Resort Accommodation At Whitehaven Beach

For an unforgettable experience in the Whitsundays, there are several luxury resort accommodation options at Hamilton Island and surrounds, which provide close access to Whitehaven Beach.

Camping At Whitehaven Beach

If you’re not fussed about luxurious stays, visitors can camp on the southern end of the beach itself.

Where Is Whitehaven Beach

Docking At Whitehaven Beach

If your boat is self-sufficient and prepared with equipment, you can anchor on the coastline just off the beach.

Airbnb Accommodation at Whitehaven Beach

Alternatively, there are many privately organised accommodation options at Whitehaven Beach, which might be worth checking out before booking resort-style accommodation.

Where Is Whitehaven Beach Located?

Whitehaven Beach is located within Queensland. Whitehaven Beach is easily accessed through many destinations in Queensland, including Hamilton Island, Airlie Beach, Cairns and Brisbane.

Where Is Whitehaven Beach Queensland From Hamilton Island?

Whitehaven Beach is just a 30-minute trip from Hamilton Island if you take a high-speed Catamaran. Visitors of Airlie Beach can access Whitehaven Beach by boat, seaplane or helicopter.

How Do I Get To Whitehaven Beach From Cairns?

Whitehaven Beach is 508km from Cairns. From Cairns, there are several ways to access Whitehaven Beach. This includes flying, taking a bus, catching a ferry, or taking a train. However, a number of these options will require the visitor to take multiple modes of transport. The best way to access Whitehaven Beach from Cairns is to fly directly into the Whitsunday Islands airport and catch a ferry or catamaran from the island.

Where Is Whitehaven Beach

Where Is Whitehaven From Brisbane?

Many visitors are surprised to learn that Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, is a significant distance from Whitehaven Beach. Brisbane is 896 km from Whitehaven Beach; easily accessible by plane.

How Far Is Whitehaven Beach From Sydney?

Sydney is 1,526 km from Whitehaven Beach. With Sydney airport close to Sydney CBD and some airlines offering frequent deals on flights, it’s very convenient and cost-effective to fly from Sydney to the Whitsunday Airport. The plane journey takes only 2 hours and 30 minutes.

How Do I Get To Whitehaven Beach From Melbourne?

The distance from Melbourne to Whitehaven Beach is 1,987 km. The easiest way to get to Whitehaven Beach from Melbourne is flying. The plane will take 4 hours and 30 minutes, and with frequent deals can be very inexpensive. Otherwise, there is an option to take a bus, which will take two days.

Accessing Whitehaven Beach With Wings

The iconic and picturesque shores of Whitehaven Beach are accessible from many locations within Australia. Wings offer several services that access Whitehaven Beach, including Whitehaven Beach half day tours, Whitehaven Beach day trips, and 2 Day, 2 Night sailing tour of the Whitsundays, allowing you to sleep aboard and wake up in paradise. Wings also offer a Whitehaven Beach full-day tour, allowing visitors to spend the whole day swimming, relaxing, or hiking to the spectacular lookouts.

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