Frequently Asked Questions on Wings Dive Tours

If I do a Wings tour do I have to be an experienced diver?

With all of our wings tours it doesn't matter if you've spent your whole life underwater or have never even dipped your big toe into the ocean. We have our highly trained and enthusiastic dive instructors on board that will be there to guide you all the way. For those of you that have taken the plunge and become certified “high Five” to you, our dive instructors will take you on guided dives, keep you nice and safe and show you where all the marine life like to hide. As for Our toe dippers, let me prepare you, in a good way of course… to be totally amazed!! Your instructor on board will train you on the way out to your first dive destination, from there you will complete 3 very simple skills at a beach in very shallow water, you will be guided through the water to a maximum of 6m for your very first dive and of course in the safest hands possible, along the way you will be blown away by the variety of marine life that the Whitsundays has to offer.

How many times can I dive on the Wings Island trip?

If you've chosen to book your Whitsunday island tour with Wings and are keen to blow as many bubbles as you can, we offer a variety of dive packages that can be pre-booked, however if you’re unsure on the amount of dives you would like to do you can also purchase your diving on board. Our Whitsunday island tour will visit 4 dive/snorkel sites over the duration of 2 days giving you plenty of opportunity and variety…oh and I almost forgot, Night Diving, there is nothing like it!

I'm worried about getting seasick?

I'm sure for some of you the thought of travelling on a live aboard Dive vessel around the Whitsundays soaking up the sun and splashing about in the turquoise blue water is a dreamy image, well let me tell you its no dream because with wings that’s the adventure you’ll get! But for some of you as dreamy as that does sounds, you may dread the “green look” yes, your one of our very special motion sickness buddies, but that’s OK. In recent years they've created a wonderful seasickness tablet called (travel calm) that you can take as preventative and they do work. To also put your mind at ease our vessels are very stable and the motion of the ocean is no match for them, our skippers know these islands extremely well and will plan the trip with your comfort in mind, choosing calm bays and tucked away anchorages for a good nights sleep, So throw away that fear and live that dream.

I’m travelling alone or in a small group?

Perfect, its an amazing way to meet some new friends and have a blast together, a lot of the time you will find that the new friends you make on Wings are travelling in the same direction as you, and who doesn't love a new travel buddy!


Will I get bored if I don’t do any diving?

Not a chance! If you’re not a diver you can immerse yourself in the wonders of snorkelling. You can begin your adventures by finding nemo, we've seen him our self and he’s really out there, if you can’t find him maybe bribe our wonderful crew with chocolate and they may just take you to see him. If snorkelling isn't your thing you can sit back relax and take in the wonderful surroundings that the Whitsunday islands have to offer, including the incredible and famous Whitehaven beach. Of course I couldn't leave out the cheeky and humorous crew who will keep you entertained throughout your Wings Adventure.

Do I need to bring any food?

The answer to this is simple, No. The reason its so simple is because your highly skilled host or hostess on board your trip will whip you up all kinds of delicious food, you’ll be so sick of eating by the end of the trip that we may have to roll you off the boat just be sure to mention any dietary requirements upon booking. So weave got it covered.

What are the sleeping arrangements like?

All of the beds are in a shared accommodation setting, now if your wondering whether that means you’ll be thrown into a bed with a complete stranger I can assure you it doesn't. Think of it as the ultimate sleepover with your new friends!

Wings Trip Photos?

In this day and age we all love taking a good selfie! However with wings you wont have to stretch out those arms attempt to get that perfect angle and flash your pearly whites, because our crew will do that for you, prepare to feel like you’re a Hollywood movie star. OK we admit that maybe a skin-tight wetsuit a mask and snorkel isn't so glamorous but hey the slideshow at the end of the night is bound to have you in fits of laughter as you see yourself “working it”. Our crew will aim to take as many fun photos as they can with you, but your participation is everything, make the most of your trip and get involved! All the trip photos will be burnt on a disc that you will be able to purchase at the end of your trip

I Love diving and all I want to do is dive, dive, dive?

Well if you're one of our thrill seeking dive and snorkel enthusiast let us take you on one of our Emperors wings Outer great barrier reef tour, Its action packed with some of the most diverse marine life you could ever encounter, you’ll have the best of both worlds, experiencing the islands, Whitehaven beach and the beautiful Outer Great Barrier reef, we have unlimited dive packages available, and if you would like to know more be sure to pick up your phone and speak to one of our friendly office staff. It’s the trip of a lifetime