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Your Wings Whitsunday Adventure

A trip through the Whitsundays with Wings is a once in a lifetime adventure. We strive to make your experience as comfortable, incredible and as action packed as possible. Let us take you through a little overview of what your next tropical adventure could have in store.

The first day of a Wings trip starts at Coral Sea Marina. You will find yourself sat among many other travelers waiting to start their Whitsundays trip, maybe even the very same Wings adventure you are about to embark on. You can hear the excitement in the chats about the incredible place everyone is about to see.

At 12.30 your Wings host will arrive with a big smile ready to get you all checked in and ready to go. By now everyone joining you on Wings will be gathered around introducing themselves and starting friendships that could last a lifetime.

Once you are all checked in its time to head down to your new floating home to meet the rest of your crew and step on board for the first time. We love making sure everyone has a full and happy belly so you will be greeted with a fresh out of the oven pizza snack. While you enjoy the cheesy goodness of pizza our crew will brief you on safety and boat life to ensure that everyone's time on board is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Time to go woohoo. Your skipper will get the trip underway and as you leave the marina you will be able to see the beautiful whitsundays in the distance waiting for you. While we cruise out to the islands you might get your first chance to experience sailing. Getting the sails up is a great way to test your seafaring skills and really feel like one of the team, our crew will ask who wants to get involved so don't be shy jump up and let's heave-ho to really get underway.

A snorkel is usually our first activity of the trip. The crew will take you to one of our beautiful sites and get you safely geared up and ready to go. On snorkels you have the chance to see many amazing animals like turtles, stingrays, beautiful fish and even manta rays. There are also some stunning corals to be discovered. One of your hosts will join you in the water so if you really want the best chance of spotting some cool reef critters stay close to them. Our hosts have snorkelled these reefs many times and know all the tricks to finding our ocean friends and will be able to point them out for you. Your host is also there to document your whole whitsunday adventure with their trusty camera and they will be snapping away in and out of the water. So don't be afraid to jump in front of the lens to capture your snorkel experience.

After a refreshing swim there is nothing better than a nice warm drink and something sweet to eat and that's exactly what will be waiting for you back on board. But don’t fill up on those sweets, our hosts will have some more snacks fresh out of the oven for you to enjoy with a cold drink as you watch the sun go down on your first incredible day in the whitsundays.

You guys will never have to worry about feeling hungry with Wings, up next is a delicious home cooked meal prepared by your host. For those of you with special dietary requirements fear not, at Wings it is our pleasure to cater for your needs and prepare fresh delicious alternatives. After dinner the night is yours, enjoy a few drinks, play some of the many games we have on board or head out to the deck to enjoy a bit of star gazing, without the light pollution of the mainland the view of the night sky is dazzling.

Whitehaven Beach Lookout

Wake up in paradise to some of the most beautiful views in the world. Your second day aboard is the most action packed so make sure you fill up at breakfast.

This is the day that you get to visit the Beautiful Whitehaven beach and Hill Inlet, the main reason people visit the Whitsundays. We know how important these places are to our passengers so we make sure we give you guys as much time as possible to explore them. One of our hosts will head over to the beach with you to take photos and show you guys everything there is to see. The first thing you will notice about Whitehaven is of course the sand, it is some of the whitest and softest you will ever see. Head down to the shore with your host and discover the little critters that call Whitehaven home. In the shallow waters you can find juvenile lemon sharks and cowtail stingrays and up on that soft white sand you can find hundreds of tiny soldier crabs scuttling around. There is a lot of beach to explore and you are free to wander to your heart's content, just remember to reapply that sunscreen.

Get ready to see one of the most beautiful views of your life, Hill Inlet. After a short bushwalk you will reach the lookouts, from these viewpoints you will be greeted with some of the most stunning scenes of your life, the famous swirling sands. We want you guys to be able to experience this masterpiece of mother nature in its full glory so our skippers will strive to plan your trip so that you are at Hill Inlet at the perfect tide for stunning swirling patterns.

Then it's back to the boat for… you guessed it, more food. You will be served a delicious lunch of warm bread rolls, fresh salads and cold meats. Once you have had your fill it's time to relax, sunbathe, enjoy the scenery or take a nice nap as we cruise to our next snorkeling destination.

Each snorkeling spot offers different underwater scenery and the chance to spot some pretty amazing animals and even meet some pretty friendly local fishy celebrities. So dive in and explore the incredible underwater world of the Whitsundays.

As you end an incredible day with yet another beautiful sunset your host will make you the happiest people on the planet by serving you the best nachos in the business, and the perfect sunset snack.

After another delicious home cooked dinner it is time to enjoy your last night aboard. Your host will put on a slide show of all the photographs they have taken on the trip. The show is always a good laugh and a nice way to reflect on all the memories and friendships made.

Waking up on the last morning is bittersweet as you are still in paradise but know that in a few short hours your trip will be at its end. But before you head back there's still time for one last snorkel so make the most of it and take one more peak beneath the waves. Then it's time to st sail for Airlie Beach, at 11am we will arrive back at Coral Sea Marina where you will all disembark. Don’t be too sad though, it's only goodbye for now not forever. Wings has organised not one but two after parties for you guys with great deals on food and drinks. This is where you can really end your Whitsunday adventure with a bang and dance the night away.

So what are you waiting for, book your adventure today. Our crew can't wait to meet you and show you around our incredible backyard.